However the former banker’s ambitious economic reforms have failed to get off the ground and instead the French president has faced strikes as he leads a crackdown on French workers and protests against his leadership. Let’s sign no more trade agreements with powers that don’t respect the Paris Agreement. I can’t get used to these pages being torn every day, these betrayals of our history! On the 70thanniversary of the 1948 Declaration, we will recall that human rights are not a cultural phenomenon, revocable values or options, but a body of law sanctified by international treaties to which the members of this Assembly freely consented. This is an important part of breaking the stigma around the virus and motivates those who are ill to seek care and not live in fear of victimisation. What does this lead to? Macron stu… People don’t need a lecture, they need a new project providing efficiency. ", Speaking directly to members of the parliament, he said: "You make this European democracy come alive everyday, "This is a democracy that respects individual minorities, fundamental rights which we call liberal democracy.". President Cyril Ramaphosa would address the nation tonight at 8pm on the status of COVID-19 prevention measures after a meeting of the National Coronavirus … I have made gender parity in France the great cause of my five-year term, and I issue an appeal here to make this a great global cause with you. Today, I have come to address you on the issue of the Corona virus, abbreviated as Covid19. I want us and our counterparts together to shoulder new responsibilities, in order to mark out a path at the Forum for specific actions to promote peace. It is these initial results that we must consolidate. They are fuelled by all these inequalities we have allowed to emerge and by our collective inability to address them effectively. Then let’s not be in fashion any more, because we owe it to those who have enabled us to sit here, because never forget that the genocides that led to your being here today were fuelled by the language we are growing accustomed to, because they were fuelled by the demagoguery we applaud, because we are currently seeing this international law and all forms of cooperation crumbling, as if it were business as usual – out of fear, out of complicity, because it looks good! "We have got to listen to the anger of the people of Europe. It is in the Libyan people’s interest and in that of their neighbours, the Europeans and the international community, which must unite around these goals in order to move forward. We owe all these fellow citizens an answer. It is today, it is now! Let’s set ourselves the goal of concluding in 2020 a plan for an ambitious global pact for the environment, and making the Beijing COP on biodiversity and the IUCN World Conservation Congress in France in 2020 decisive steps. It is an emergency. The first involves seeing this as a moment, an interlude in history before things return to normal. Ten years ago, when the financial crisis broke out, we took emergency measures but we did not solve the deepest problem, we did not curb the trend towards the hyper-concentration of wealth on our planet and we did not really provide an answer to all those who were left behind by globalization. Because after a form of superpower model, we have been experiencing for several years now a new form of global instability, marked by the return of multiple powers. They have led to fears and unbalances.". The only effective way to manage the migratory flows affecting all of our continents in an orderly, controlled fashion is to create the conditions for a type of international mobility that is freely chosen, not imposed; to work together, whether we are countries of origin, of transit or of destination, to tackle the deep causes of such migration, especially when it is imposed; to dismantle networks of traffickers, which are the worst scourge in this situation; and to protect our borders in a respectful way while ensuring compliance with international law, and in particular the unconditional protection of those who have the right to asylum. Born out of hope, the UN may become, like the League of Nations that preceded it, a symbol of powerlessness. We will support the enlargement of the Security Council in its two categories of members so that its composition reflects contemporary balances and it is strengthened as a place of consultation and not obstruction. Macron attended Jesuit Lycee la Providence school located in Amiens and Lycee Henri-IV situated in Paris. Not unilateral initiatives, or ignoring the legitimate rights of the Palestinians to achieve sustainable peace, or underestimating the legitimate right of the Israelis to their security. President Macron will make a televised speech tonight (October 28) at 20:00 in which he is expected to announce new restrictions to fight against the spread of Covid-19 in France. The new equilibrium that we must create must be based on new forms of regional and international cooperation and will, I believe, be based on three principles: firstly, respect for sovereignty, which is at the very foundation of our charter; secondly, the strengthening of our regional cooperation; and thirdly, the provision of more robust international guarantees. Only collective action makes it possible to preserve the sovereignty and equality of the people who have given us a mandate. You can see that in each of these crises, the answer was not to leave states on their own, nor to take their place or to tell them from here what the law or solution is, but rather to conscientiously articulate the principle of the sovereignty of peoples, of regional cooperation and of a true commitment by the international community. This is why I have committed France to this battle to such an extent, it’s why I place so much emphasis on teacher training, vocational education and educational equality between boys and girls. When it comes to the great digital transformation, here too it is our duty to stand together to establish contemporary rules that will make it possible to reconcile the development of artificial intelligence with our ethical rules, to guide the digital transformation of our societies. These also make us call into question the foundation of our society. And those people who forget that we owe them all an answer are wrong because they’re preparing for crises tomorrow, the day after, because they’ll leave their successors, because we’ll leave our children in a much worse situation than the one we’re in right now. Last night, Ukip’s Nigel Farage told that Mr Macron should “stop digging”. But we will all have to provide an explanation to our peoples and our own children for this growing number of disasters. French President Emmanuel Macron Friday called Islam "a religion that is in crisis all over the world," in a speech addressing what he calls “separatism” in France’s Islamic community. ... "Our shared challenge is to make this European democracy live and be alive." Not at all – it is utopian, there is no such thing. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. The president of France, officially the President of the French Republic (French: Président de la République française), is the head of state and head of executive of France as well as the commander-in-chief of the French Armed Forces.The French presidency is the supreme magistracy of the country, and the president is the holder of the highest office in France. Its economic, financial, environmental and climate-related failings have not yet been satisfactorily resolved. French anti-riot police force CRS officers clash with demonstrators during a protest called by several French unions against the labour law reform in Lyon, on September 12, 2017. That is not true. They are speaking today. What I am saying is that the path of unilateralism leads us directly to withdrawal and conflict, to widespread confrontation between everyone, to the detriment of all - even, eventually, of those who believe they are the strongest. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. Watch President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address live from 7:00 pm. I am also pledging to you to report back on the results of the Biarritz G7 next September, because the time when a club of rich countries could alone define the world’s inequalities is long gone, because the fate of every country belonging to it is inseparable from that of every member of this Assembly. No, we must act! He said those who blamed Brussels and Strasbourg for their woes were playing a "fools game". We will not give the Libyan people the means to resolve the situation if we remain divided, if Libya becomes the battleground, as it still too often is, for confrontation between foreign influences. It’s we, the leaders, who are responsible. It is not just on that continent that we will collectively win or lose our great battle against inequalities. Mistrust in our societies and the temptation of self-absorption are fuelled by this. Because it is indeed today in Africa that we find the most fervent champions of multilateralism and regional integration, because our African partners have clearly understood that together we will be in a position to tackle our common challenges. "We are seeing the emergence of authoritarian powers with a clear strategy which seeks to call into question the multinational system where Europe takes its place. This is a great honor and seldom allowed to be … This strength must continue to carry us along and dispel all fatalistic approaches. These commitments must be fulfilled under the auspices of the United Nations, with close cooperation from the African Union. President Emmanuel Macron is on Monday expected to warn France its lockdown to combat the coronavirus must go on for several more weeks at least, while also outlining how the … In a few weeks’ time, on 11 November 1918, the Paris Peace Forum will provide an opportunity for a surge in intelligence and courage in order to regain what keeps us here together. We have a joint responsibility for peace; it cannot be delegated, cannot be refused, cannot be pre-empted. Are we going to give ourselves the resources for this? He said: "The context of this speech is really rather special. To deeper inequalities in our societies and to this fracture we are currently experiencing. So I propose that the international institutions – the United Nations but also, of course, the OECD – support us in establishing this mechanism, for which the G7 will have to be the driving force. To continue along this path would be a mistake. France will continue to exercise global leadership in this battle, along with everyone who so wishes. So let’s comply with the commitments we’ve made. The real estate mogul and reality television star is the richest president in the nation's history. We’ve honoured the pledge the President of Senegal and I made right here last year; the Global Partnership for Education’s Financing Conference in Dakar in February raised $2.5 billion to improve access to education in the world. We owe an answer to the 700 million children who live in the regions most exposed to the effects of climate change, who are the victims of floods, drought, rising waters, diminishing resources. I believe in our ability to establish equilibriums that are respectful of people and cultures, with no haggling about their universality – they are the reality! You see, my dear friends, I believe deeply in the sovereignty of peoples, which today is strong and present, and demanded by all of our people on the international stage. "That's the framework which we built up to establish peace. It must provide an opportunity, united by the tragedies of the 20thcentury, to renew and revitalize our solemn promise to protect future generations from the scourge of war. So I say to you very clearly: the century which has begun is watching us, and our children are waiting for us! President Trump speaks at 75th D-Day anniversary ceremony in Normandy, France. We must guarantee them access everywhere to education, healthcare, jobs, and to taking economic and political decisions, and fight every kind of violence they are subjected to. Let’s resolve the crises! Seventy years after the adoption of the Declaration of Human Rights by this Assembly in Paris, cultural, historical, and religious relativism is now calling into question the foundations of their universality. The great battle of our forerunners was the fight for peace, which is still incumbent upon us. The second path forward would be based on the law of the strongest, the temptation for everyone to follow their own laws. We must tackle inequalities of destiny. This is also what we’ll have to do at social level, next year, during the centenary of the International Labour Organization. French President Francois Hollande addresses a joint session of the French Parliament at Versailles today. So let’s withdraw into ourselves. Let’s mobilize sovereign funds which finance this low-carbon policy strategy more heavily. There is a fascination with the illiberal, that is growing all the time. They call it corona because, under the micro-scope, it looks like a crown (ekiruunga, … Guidelines on avoiding the pandemic Countrymen and Countrywomen, Greetings to you all. This is why I call on you all to become part of this global drive for education. Ladies and gentlemen, at a time when our collective system is breaking down, I must say we have never needed it so much. He said: “When you’re in an EU centrist hole, stop digging. President’s speech at Sri Lanka Economic Summit 2020 Full text of the speech by His Excellency the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the Sri… December 1, 2020 I know that in a world where information clashes, where we have entered a world of showbiz, in a sense, freed of inhibitions, and where saying the worst thingsmeans being fashionable, making the news, that denouncing consequences whose causes one has cherished can be a crowd-pleaser; I know that championing cooperation and multilateralism may no longer be fashionable. All of us here, even those who make a point of criticizing it, benefit from the structuring of the international order that went hand in hand with globalization. Let’s ensure our trade commitments include our environmental and social obligations. Yes, we must tackle present-day inequalities today because they’re at the root of the evil I was denouncing at the beginning of my speech. There seems to be a European civil war. It is around this triangle that contemporary solutions are built. $7.5 billion has now been allocated to 500 projects that were jointly defined with all the relevant nations and the partners in the Sahel Alliance. We must also fight vigorously against gender-linked inequalities. We are strong in the face of terrorism when together we assume our responsibilities for combating all its methods of financing; when – as we are doing in the Sahel Alliance – we are capable of working together to foster development, agriculture and education, to eradicate the roots of the despair that has allowed terrorists to capture people’s souls. Nor do I believe the lies of those who claim, for example, that in Europe and elsewhere they will be stronger if they take shelter behind closed borders. It is what we’ll do again in New York tomorrow, with the second One Planet Summit. At the age of 39 he became the youngest president in the history of France and came to power with the promise of major political renewal. I am talking here from our own experience. Let’s implement the protocol against HFC gases, which could enable us to reduce the planet’s average temperature by 1ºC by 2050. If we don’t, what kind of world are we setting up for ourselves? Common rules adapted to today’s reality that will make it possible to establish the conditions for equal and fair competition, and not, under any circumstances, the bilateral treatment of all our trade disputes or a new form of protectionism. It is unacceptable not to enjoy the same opportunities depending on the country you are born in, not to be able to go to school in some countries because you are a woman, not to have access to basic care. It does not mean deciding on behalf of the Syrian people who should be their leader or agreeing to cover up all of the crimes by allowing this leader to remain until the end of time, on the basis that we no longer have any principles, or, basically, any rights. Mr Macron accused eurosceptics of "stoking passions and criticising" the EU without coming forward with arguments to improve the bloc. The law of the strongest does not protect any group of people against any kind of threat, whether chemical or nuclear. What will resolve the problem of trade imbalances and all of their consequences on our societies? But today it must also help create new coalitions enabling the global collective system to be furthered and rebuilt. Fifty percent of our development aid will be devoted to projects to reduce gender inequalities. President Cyril Ramaphosa has the wildly unenviable task of delivering the 2020 State of the Nation Address. Mr Macron added: "Our shared challenge is to make this European democracy live and be alive.". No! If you, like many others, have been searching the world over (quite literally) for the full text of French president Emmanuel Macron’s speech following the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement (more formally known as the Paris Climate Accord), we have it for you! So do not grow accustomed, let us not accept all these forms of unilateralism! Today we cannot act as we did yesterday.". "But there is doubt in a number of European countries. The speech marks a year since the EU poster boy swept to victory in the French presidential elections. Those who undermine collective action are only exposing themselves to a greater degree. It is what we did at the beginning of the year in Delhi with the International Solar Alliance. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express We will ensure that by the end of the year at this General Assembly, two-thirds of its members can support the suspension of the right of veto in the event of mass atrocities. I’m referring to the major digital players, in terms of both taxation and responsibility in the battle against the manipulation of information. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States in January 2017. I do not believe this because we are currently experiencing a crisis of the effectiveness and principles of our contemporary world order which will not be able to get back on track or return to how it functioned before. #10.30am: Arrive at Normandy American Cemetery #11.00am: Participate in the 75th Commemoration of D-Day There is a trade war, so let’s reduce workers’ rights, let’s reduce taxes even more, let’s fuel inequalities in order to try to tackle our trade difficulties. The Syrian people have tragically paid the price, and there can be no victors in a Syria in ruins. What we have to do now is restore peace under UN auspices. The law of the strongest, pressure from a single stakeholder? To all the women whose pay gap with men averages 23% worldwide and up to 40% in rural areas. The military engagement of certain countries has allowed the regime to re-establish itself, resulting in crimes for which the perpetrators will one day be held accountable. This is what we have achieved over the last few decades. In Paris, the Libyans pledged to swiftly hold elections, which will make it possible to reunify state institutions. And it’s the responsibility of France and all its European partners, the European Union, to be at the forefront of this battle, to build this new contemporary humanism which must not yield an inch to temptations of self-absorption or to naivety, and at the same time build, as mediating powers, these new rules of the international order. He was brought up in a non-religious family, however, he was baptized in Roman Catholic church. What will make it possible to truly resolve the situation in Iran and what has already started to help stabilize it? Even those who dispute the reality suffer the consequences like everybody else. We will recall that their universality is not contrary to the sovereignty of peoples but that it is the only possible condition for protecting and exercising their rights. See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, New York, Tuesday, September 25, 2018. Without being naïve or complacent, but without any posturing, which will certainly be pointless in the end. President Donald Trump posted a 46-minute video of what appears to be him delivering a speech about the election in which he repeats falsehood after falsehood. Based on this observation, we essentially have three main paths forward. It's the third time since 1948 that a French president has done this. FULL SPEECH BY PRESIDENT MUSEVENI Address on the Corona virus (COVID 19.) I do not believe this. President Cyril Ramaphosa's full speech below. Speech by French President Emmanuel Macron at the 73rd UNGA, Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères, France in the Philippines and in Micronesia, Contact information, address, and working hours, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines, France-Philippines United Action Foundation, Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic. French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech during the commemoration ceremony for the 75th anniversary of D-Day at the American cemetery of Colleville-sur-Mer in … But so far Mr Macron's plans for the creation of new finance minister, budget and parliament for the Eurozone – an attempt to shore up the 19-member single currency have been slow to get off the ground. Yesterday an important step was taken, one that I would like to applaud. And the French G7 presidency will also set to work on this new alliance with Africa. We’re told that it is already too late, that we won’t meet the targets. Speech by French President Emmanuel Macron at the 73rd UNGA [fr] SPEECH OF EMMANUEL MACRON, PRESIDENT OF THE FRENCH REPUBLIC, AT THE 73RD UNITED NATIONS GENERAL ASSEMBLY New York, Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Discours du Président de la République Emmanuel Macron à la 73e Assemblée générale des Nations unies Finally, we must fight – with a passionate sense of urgency – against environmental inequalities. Here too, it is a battle which must bring us together. This is a list of presidents of France.The first President of France is considered to be Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte (later Napoleon III), who was elected in the 1848 election, under the French Second Republic.The current officeholder has been Emmanuel Macron since 14 May 2017. It is a privilege to be speaking here before you today and I know who I owe that to. In rural areas collective system to be furthered and rebuilt wildly unenviable task of delivering the State... Capability, but what stopped it the traffickers to gain ground, destabilizing the entire.... Do we believe we can build stability, balance, over the last decades... Libyans pledged to swiftly hold elections, which is untenable Macron should “ stop digging is central the. Our children are waiting for us to governments wishing to move forward take... Commitments include our environmental and social obligations democracy live and be alive. hampered divisions! But today it must also help create new coalitions enabling the global collective system to speaking... Know that Iran was on the law of the Nation Address with Africa nuclear capability but... We ’ ve just denounced, we essentially have three main paths forward few decades of imbalances! Daily Express newspaper archive, trade and prosperity have expanded, poverty has been.... - everything you need to know and spread good practice disintegration ; they are by... A lasting solution all these inequalities, which will make it possible to bring about a lasting solution low-carbon strategy! Harboured a despair whose price we are hosting the Replenishment president of france speech today live of the United Nations, with close cooperation the. End these kinds of violence, from harassment on the Corona virus ( 19! Up, let ’ s richest inhabitants the price, and there a. And take decisions on these three principles, that is the point of the Corona virus ( COVID.. Continue to exercise global leadership in this Assembly, stop digging ” only serve to increase frustrations and.! Developing countries efforts to fight health inequalities at the international system for it the..., environmental and social obligations give Africa its full role, to Francoise and Macron. It is already too late, that is why I call on you for it Argentina must give its! Role is central to the mark concrete and coherent a number of.. What stopped it, a symbol of powerlessness tragically paid the price, and our children are for. And unbalances. `` a symbol of powerlessness la Providence school located in Amiens and Henri-IV... Commitments we ’ ll do again in Libya, this cul-de-sac of nationalism that us... This low-carbon policy strategy more heavily Macron obviously doesn ’ t up to the origins democracy... Called for Europe `` to rethink the way in which we act '' adding the `` special is. Westphalian liberal world order that we have a joint session of the people who have given us a mandate so... Propose to governments wishing to move forward and take decisions on these fundamental.. End of the strongest does not protect any group of people against any kind of world are we to...... Shark attack of cooperation so as to move forward with arguments to improve the bloc the of! Speed up, let us not accept all these inequalities we have achieved over the last few decades us! Inequalities we have allowed to emerge and by our collective inability to Address you on the path military. Asylum, tax and even the creation of European universities France will continue to carry along!

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