To the period of continuos residence is counted: The period of stay on long-term visa and on a long-term residence permit unless otherwise provided. Your continuity of residence is not affected by: temporary absences (less than 6 months per year) “Is Canada attractive to international students? I know normally student time doesn't count for PR but if I continue working and paying taxes, my student time can still be counted but only half, right? However, if you want to obtain the electronic version of your residence card (E+ card), then you have to go to your local municipal office (find your local commune in Belgium ); the card is valid for five years and is renewable. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Get in touch with specialised assistance services, Get advice on your EU rights / Solve problems with a public body. As a student from the EU/EEA country, you are not required to apply for a visa. For example, one benefit of being a Belgian citizen is that you can come and go freely from Belgium without your citizenship being revoked. All international students and staff staying longer than 90 days have to apply for a residence permit upon arrival. If you have lived legally, meeting the conditions to stay in another EU country, for a continuous period of 5 years you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence there. This process is done at the Belgian embassy or diplomatic office in your home country. Canada plans for 1.2 million new permanent residents, international students to play major role Breaking News. a pledge of support for students (ann. I went to a commune in Brussels this morning to confirm when I can apply and how long it'd take. As a student in Canada, you’re not a permanent resident (PR) or a citizen of Canada. Hello, I am a non-EU citizen and I have been living in East Flanders, Belgium for 5 and half years now. Hi everyone, At the end of September I'd have been living in Belgium for 6 years now. I am looking to apply for the D card. world becoming smaller each day, job prospects are no longer limited by political boundaries. After having legally resided for an uninterrupted period of 5 years in Luxembourg with a national of an EU Member State or from a country treated as such (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland), a third-country national who is a family member of an EU citizen has the right, under certain conditions, to permanent residence and may be granted a permanent residence permit. It must state the reasons for your deportation and specify how you can appeal and by when. In the EU, check with your host country’s authorities whether you have to register and if it is mandatory to apply for a new residence status. The immigration minister said it is important for Canada to identify how it can accelerate pathways to permanent residence for international students, temporary foreign workers, and asylum seekers already in the country. The deportation decision or the request to leave must be given to you in writing. Is it true that the the time spent under RSI will not be taken into account for the 5 years residence calculation ? You need to send different supporting documents with your application, depending on your situation (employed, self-employed, jobseeker, pensioner, student). The platform for Belgium's international community. I came on student visa in Jan 2014 to do PhD in the university but changed my status to employee (w/ guest agreement) in July 2018 as I started working in the university and also paying taxes as soon as my status changed to employee. Most of the students are given Tier 4 General Visa when they visit UK to complete their studies. Right now my working contract with university is limited but it is until June 2020. 32) signed by your sponsor (a Canadian or a Canadian permanent resident), whose signature will be legalized by us. New requirement of residency for permanent residence permit; 26.10.2020. This includes non‑EU family members. Also known as Indefinite Leave to Remain, UK permanent residence is an immigration status granted to a person without the Right of Abode.An individual with permanent resident status can live and work in the UK indefinitely. Thankfully, there are many pathways available to international students who want to transition to Canadian permanent residence.. Immigration Programs for International Students Denmark is known as a Scandinavian country just like Norway and Sweden. We have found that you (and possibly your partner) have collected income in Belgium in 2019: for example, a salary, pension, rent, etc. Within eight days of your arrival in Belgium you must submit an application to the local government office in your place of residence to allow you to register at the Immigration Office and apply for a residence permit. EU nationals can obtain permanent residency in Belgium after an uninterrupted stay of five years (based on temporary residence permits). It is not the same as becoming a German citizen and having a German passport, but it offers much more security than having a Temporary Residence Permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis). If you have lived legally, meeting the conditions to stay in another EU country, for a continuous period of 5 years you automatically acquire the right of permanent residence there. You have the right to live in the EU country where you are studying for the duration of your studies if you: National authorities may not require your income to be above the level that would qualify you for basic income support. If the student is below 16 years of age, they get the Tier 4 General Child Visa. European Blue Card. Detailed information on the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement and citizen’s rights. However, if you are from outside the EU countries, you are required to apply for an extended stay visa. Questions and Answers – the rights of EU and UK citizens, as outlined in the Withdrawal Agreement. The issuing of work permits in Belgium is partially governed by the transposition of EU law, especially the principle of free movement of labour, and partially by Belgium-specific regulations.. You can do so if you wish. Study International Staff 09 Nov 2020 International students in Canada can help the government achieve its Canadian immigration goals — here’s why. Once granted, you will need to apply for a Belgian residence so that you can live and work in the country. Thank you for your feedback. As a non-EU citizen, you will need to have lived in Belgium for at least five years before qualifying for permanent residency. You could lose your right to stay in the country if you finish your studies and cannot prove you are working or have sufficient resources to support yourself. If you were resident in Belgium before 1 January 2021, you must apply for the M residency card before 31 December 2021. When you finish your studies, you may want to immigrate to Canada and then become a citizen. Successful applicants can gain permanent residence and citizenship after five years. I studied in the first 2 years then started working a few months later. When you apply for a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands, the IND automatically checks if you can also get the residence permit as long-term resident EC. On 1 January 2021, the rules for EU citizens living in or moving to the UK will change. This new residency card is … One of our Belgium immigration lawyers can provide details on the separate process of applying for the permanent residence permit. Foreigners with another nationality may need a visa. Applying for a permanent residence document To get a document certifying your right of permanent residence, you must submit proof that you have been living legally in the country for 5 years.

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