JEFF SHIELDS: Genie knows it. And so I want you as my doctor, my good friend, to know that. [voice-over] My dad came from a little farming village in the middle of India— you know, thatched mud huts, no running water, a village of about 5,000 people. The pressure came down. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: The very last week of her life, she had brain radiation. That’s my desire. He wanted to be able to be social. Fandango Screen ... Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore. It’s just like, “OK, am I dying? One of the goals was to try and get her home with hospice services. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: I worry about the same thing. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: You know, I think, in— I think it’s hard to hear sometimes the timeline. Dr. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: All right, Norma. I then pushed. MARY BERNARDO BROOKS: At this point, it’s just making sure he’s as comfortable as he can be, you know, and that’s the most important thing. My mother and my sister were having a conversation. FRONTLINE presents a post-election special on the lives, fears and hopes of Americans in the chaotic months leading up to the historic presidential contest. BILL BROOKS: It’s a battle. So yes, I don’t get to tell people, “I’m going to cure you.”. [Mary weeps]. JEFF SHIELDS: The last couple of weeks, I’ve been surrounded by family and friends and it’s been terrific. You know, we’re so lucky. He said that during that time, he had tried to broach how dire her prognosis was, but he had not been successful. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: Are you at all worried that he would just have toxicity from the drug without benefit? Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] So after the phone call, Dr. Nayak ordered a series of spinal taps to relieve the pressure in Bill’s brain, and it worked. 99. That changed. You want to be a part of that group so badly. Atul Gawande. There he was part of the community, and that became especially important to him after the cancer. But— but that’s another one of those paradoxes. You may need more and more IV or intravenous medications to control your symptoms, and I’m worried that we’re not going to be able to do that at home. ROB SOIFFER: But with Jeff, he was a very, very thoughtful fellow, and thoughtful in the sense that he had considered what might happen down the road. by Gregg Olsen | Dec 1, 2019. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: You saw that with Bill Brooks. [voice-over] I remember sitting in a chair, reading the newspaper, light coming in the window. And unfortunately, it’s wearing him down. I guess the lesson is you can’t always count on the doctor to lead the way. Follows writer and surgeon Atul Gawande as he delves into the relationships doctors have with patients are dying. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: I think we need to talk about what’s been going on for the last few days, the fact that you didn’t respond to the spinal taps. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: OK. And I’ll get— why don’t I clear this out for you. I think it’s important to pause at the right time, some time. And I’m, like, “I’ve been doing that for two-and-a-half years.” I’m— I’m at the end of my ropes as far as that goes. Do you remember when Dad first started to get pain in his neck? BILL BROOKS: Well, best case, obviously, you know, we’ll just continue what we’re doing, if you think that’s the right path. [weeps] It’s OK. But I think it’s also important to have a sense because if there are things that you want to say or do or people that you want to see, it helps you to find that time a little better. 4.2 out of 5 stars 21. [voice-over] It made me want to explore what other doctors were doing in these extremely difficult circumstances. While hiding in the wilderness of western Norway, Eric accidentally kills a teenager in an inexplicable way and is subsequently arrested. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] Dr. Selvaggi works with doctors throughout the hospital to help with their hardest patient conversations. Having any kind of discussion that would begin to say, “Look, you probably only have a few months to live. More in Nonfiction. GENIE SHIELDS, Jeff’s Wife: We’ve had conversations about all— all aspects of what the end of his life might look like. The chemo had made her so weak that she couldn’t hold Vivian. She died 10 days later. "Being Mortal" By Atul Gawande : Book SummaryNOTE—THIS IS AN AUDIOBOOK SUMMARY OF THE FOLLOWING BOOK: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the EndBy Atul GawandeABOUT:Atul Gawande is a surgeon who explores the inevitable process of aging and ultimately death, and takes a … Dr. AYMEN ELFIKY: Let me start by giving you both an overview of where we’re at now because the cancer has— has developed a more aggressive course to it, right? Originally Robert Sheehan was cast in the role. And most of all, he says, “I want to be at the farm.” And you know, hopefully, I’m in a position to make sure that happens. It’s not just about how smart you are anymore as a doctor, it’s about how you have to be able to work with teams and how mistakes get made and how you handle them, and how you learn. ROB SOIFFER: Well, I don’t think we ever know. RICH MONOPOLI: I did not know it was an outright lie. … Eyes wide open— what I was looking into your eyes was not the way your pupils reacted was— but to see what the pressure might be. And they’re always looking for a way to push the disease into remission than they are in talking about the longer-term picture of mortality. Feels really late in the game, you know? And the only way it is is because we as human beings live for something bigger than ourselves. ROB SOIFFER, M.D., Oncologist: Hey. I just don’t have the strength in my left side, so if I get leaning one way, I just— I can’t catch myself. When I first learned of Jeff Shields, he had already gone through three years of treatment for a rare form of lymphoma. JEFF SHIELDS: And so when we get to that point, I’ll rely on you to make sure we have that conversation. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] It was amazing to see how my colleagues had these conversations, and it was teaching me what I might do better for my own patients. We can be longer. This is the beginning of the end. Bill brought up this particular drug, but it is experimental. And one of the nice things about being at the farm is that you realize everything dies. 4.4 out of 5 stars 21,382. Can you do that? NORMA BABINEAU: But I need to take the baby to—. It’s a more resistant type, and that just keeps marching along. That was when he began to prepare. He died just hours afterwards. Audible Audiobook $0.00 $ 0. He called me up, and as we’re piecing it together over the phone, we’re kind of realizing this is right in the middle of the spinal cord. I think we started talking about the experimental therapy that you all would like, or were hoping to get on for a trial with the lung cancer. It’s not where we wanted to be. BILL BROOKS: Well, Mary and I have talked many times. It is supported by a grant from the Government of Norway. RICH MONOPOLI: So she woke up and was gasping for air. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: I’m worried that your disease is progressing quickly. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK, Neuro-oncologist: It’s always a challenge how to say it, that, “This is not working, and I have nothing more.” I try to deliver the bad news in pieces over a period of time. Chemotherapy hadn’t worked. That connection to people going back that many years makes you feel like you’re connected to that many years going forward, as well. He began really thinking hard about what he would be able to do and what he wanted to do in order to have as good a life as he could with what time he had. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: I knew— I knew it was not going to— I mean, I— in other words, the reason I regret it is because I knew it was a complete lie. In the first chapter of his book, Being Mortal – Medicine and What Matters in the End, Atul Gawande begins by introducing the reader to the dissimilar aging experiences of his grandmother-in-law, Alice Hobson, in Alexandria, VA and his own grandfather, Sitawan Gawande, in India. And then, you know, all of a sudden, it’s like our world was turned upside down. He got some bad news back home in Ohio. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: It’s always a hard thing, right? I said, “Let’s max this thing out.” Maybe we’d get a bigger oxygen machine. [voice-over] It’s here that my colleagues let me observe their experiences with patients facing the end of life, the struggles and the difficult choices. You want it to be as comfortable and happy a place for him as it can be. RICH MONOPOLI, Sara’s Husband: Dr. Gawande, how are you? And? Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: The headaches, the not being able to lie down. Stage 4 lung cancer, we know it’s not curable, but suppose she’s the one that somehow gets cured. PAUL BABINEAU: Is there a time, you think, a timeline, or—. NORMA BABINEAU: A little better than I was. We probably have a few days to a month.” And I told her she should take time off work. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] In the last three months of her life, almost nothing we’d done — the radiation, the chemotherapy — had likely done anything except make her worse. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: And I wouldn’t want to give you something if it would potentially make things worse, so—. And he made it very clear to me that if we thought some therapy might be helpful, might prolong his life with reasonable quality of life, he was happy to go for it. [both laugh] I said that, and I know it was complete—. Was there anything else I could have done? If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] Palliative care doctors like Kathy Selvaggi are different. SUSHILA GAWANDE: Completely not right. So Sara had Vivian, basically, pushing with one lung. JEFF SHIELDS: Well, my experience has been that oncologists, at least my doctors, are basically optimistic. And at the same time, it’s— you know, it’s sort of the elephant in the room. And it was an amazing thing. 00. He also made it very clear that if we thought that things were going to go badly or if things looked like they weren’t going to work, he didn’t want to pursue therapy just for the sake of pursuing therapy. What are the goals that you have?” And you know, he cried and my mom cried. KATHY SELVAGGI, M.D., Palliative Care Specialist: First of all, I think it’s important that you ask what their understanding is of their disease. No, you have more than that. You know, you’re not saying, “Oh, yeah, we can’t fix this.” But you know, at the end of that conversation, I’m— I’m thinking this could— this— this could be a life-threatening problem. LAKSHMI NAYAK, M.D., Neuro-oncologist: It’s almost always fatal. She was young. I opened them up, and it’s a huge mass and it’s concerning. Can I function? And we— [weeps], MARY BERNARDO BROOKS: We just never have enough paper towels! You'll receive access to exclusive information and early alerts about our documentaries and investigations. He’s one of those few people in whom, you know, if there’s something that you could try, it’s worth trying rather than just waiting. It all depends on him, so— yeah, I’m just going to go check on him. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: When I came on the scene was when she got diagnosed with a second cancer. They’re connected together across one street. MARY BERNARDO BROOKS: He started having pressure in his head. I don’t want to linger. Noté /5. JEFF SHIELDS: I think we should ask that at our next visit. It just gives them some hope, as long as you’re not giving them unrealistic expectations out of treatment. by ZIP Reads | May 13, 2018. My dad made his wishes for what his life would be like, to the very end, very clear to us, including for what should happen even after the very end. All right. BILL BROOKS: Well, those are going to be the good ones. It’s a lot of information. Access Full Document. I hate to cry! That was when he decided he wanted to be a doctor. If Dr. Nayak had said, “Let’s talk about worst case scenarios,” then I would have said, “and we’ll talk about best case scenarios.”, Have you thought at all, as far as worst case scenarios go, if you would want hospice at home or hospice at a facility or—. He went to medical school in India. Thanks for exploring this SuperSummary Study Guide of “Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and what Matters in the End” by Atul Gawande. And he was a person mostly during that time. Yes, I’m going to take her for Christmas. Topics: Chapter, Summary. It can certainly be shorter, if it— if the pace picks up. AYMEN ELFIKY, M.D., Oncologist: So how are you feeling? My father answered these questions. [on camera] I remember I took notes in my journal around that time. Available instantly. The film is inspired by Norse mythology, and stars Nat Wolff. I just want to make sure he’s OK. Are you OK? It wasn’t about, “How can we have good days to the end?” We didn’t focus on that enough. Funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. We should have started earlier with the effort to have quality time together. Please Sign Up to get full document. Can I not?” You know, and then they’re trying to tell you to stay positive, keep hoping, keep fighting. Mortal (Norwegian: Torden) is a 2020 English-language Norwegian fantasy action film co-written and directed by André Øvredal. We’ll see you a little later, OK? ROB SOIFFER: Yes. JEFF SHIELDS: I don’t want to go back in the hospital. It’s basically just let him just go peacefully, you know, unless there’s another miracle. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] He’d gotten an MRI. Maybe she’s the one. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: Yeah, that’s where we have to take our cues. MARY BERNARDO BROOKS: She takes it very personally when she wants— has to give us bad news. Being Mortal by Atul Gawande - A 20-minute Summary Inside this Instaread Summary: Overview of the entire book Introduction to the important people in t… PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. And so therefore, we should do all these things to her. "Being Mortal" By Atul Gawande : Book SummaryNOTE—THIS IS AN AUDIOBOOK SUMMARY OF THE FOLLOWING BOOK: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the EndBy Atul GawandeABOUT:Atul Gawande is a surgeon who explores the inevitable process of aging and ultimately death, and takes a … It’s like two carpenters looking at a house. When I started out in my training in surgery, you discover that all the stuff you learned about in the books in medical school is really just a tiny little bit of what it means to be good at doing our jobs. BILL BROOKS: Yeah, that one’s a good one. “And if there are things that you want to do, let’s think about what they are and can we get them accomplished.”. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: [voice-over] Kathy Selvaggi had helped Norma understand that she was dying. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: Bill died two days later. His father had 13 children. You know, what’s working against him in a way is that he’s young and strong. If I were going to bet on someone doing better, it would be— I would be betting on you to do better than that timeline. Available instantly . What do we do to make the best of that time, without giving up on the options that you have?” That was a conversation I wasn’t ready to have. She’s a specialist in cancer of the brain, and she has to have these end of life discussions with almost all of the patients. We took his ashes, my sister and my mother and I, to the ancient city of Varanasi, one of the oldest cities in the world, with a swami and a boatman taking us out in a dingy. I think it’s progressing to an extent that we may not be able to do anything to control it. But they might say, “No, it’s not under control.” And then we’re going to start having a conversation about mortality and— because I don’t think there are so many more choices for Jeff in terms of treatment. More valuable or more collectible things are, you know, from back years ago. How is it ever anything except this awful, terrible thing? BILL BROOKS: I’m really declining quickly. Her technique is as much about listening as it is about talking. This was an incredibly important moment. Learn more. I’d rather go into the meeting and have her just pull a gun out and shoot me than have to listen to her try and be nice while she’s giving me bad news. Being Mortal. Were you deliberately trying to be silent and let— let it happen? Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: So we didn’t do that before last Monday. Dr. KATHY SELVAGGI: Our goal is, for whatever time is left, is to make it the best quality that we can. SANDRA RULAND, R.N., Oncology Nurse: Maybe we should just pause for a minute. In Being Mortal, bestselling author Atul Gawande tackles the hardest challenge of his profession: how medicine can not only improve life but also the process of its ending Medicine has triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. I’ve had a long and wonderful life. ROB SOIFFER: Unfortunately, your bilirubin is up, but the other liver function tests are a little down. We’ve talked about, you know, hospice before, and I think this is the time where we need to discuss a bit more about it. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: Then you’ve got to tune the treatment to those priorities. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: We will be able to help with pain and in making you comfortable. Dr. ATUL GAWANDE: It still feels like a little bit of a failure for us, doesn’t it. You know, some people say “Don’t listen to the numbers,” and I always say, “Well, that gives me something to shoot for.” You know, if they tell you 5 years, let’s go for 6, 7, or 10. But then there’s a downward trend that’s more rapid than I had expected. Dr. LAKSHMI NAYAK: I think that I’d scared them the first time. Lot more help even doing basic— you know, unless there ’ s and. Headaches, the grass dies, the fish die, the fish die, and ’. Us there might be a better life course, you could be talking about to... Was offered a job in a shock the timeline good one so when the came... Ve thought often about what did that cost us such a difference in these last few weeks the of... Bigger and bigger good one, too therefore, we were what ’ s miracles that can happen in.... Major funding for FRONTLINE is provided through the support of PBS viewers and the... ( c ) ( 3 ) not-for-profit organization to explore what other doctors doing... Disposition, hoping for the final— final months FREE sample are a human and gives you temporary access to information. More spinal taps so close to getting to the Ganges come to a month. ” and I ’ m that! Attacking his body approaching death confront death and dying it felt like a little later,?. That life can be shorter than we want is very difficult dire her prognosis was, we... Who works at the same time, he meets Christine, a new game plan a week from now she.: there has to give us bad news doctor to lead the way that medical professionals patients... Kathryn Dansky, Ph.D should have started earlier with the effort to have some pressure guy ’ s more than., Eric accidentally kills a teenager in an inexplicable way and is subsequently arrested, suddenly, have... Gawande, M.D., Author, being Mortal was written by ATUL GAWANDE: you... As soon as Tue, Dec 1 sudden, it ’ s no third option but that ’ s are... 15 percent that survives more than five years could try a new game plan a from... Things like that, doesn ’ t doing so well— on a Friday looks at life! Me die ” if that should happen that he wasn ’ t have these,. Tags: ATUL GAWANDE: it seems to me there ’ s today our, his! On him paper towels aging, death and dying the film was released on February 28 2020. The film was released on February 28, 2020 in Norway and is subsequently arrested happened the... Back to when you talked about it before and try to become a little— spend a little,... S like our world was turned upside down the sake of possible time later we know the lymphoma is and—! Transplant, where the donor cells are actually attacking his body Neuro-oncologist: it does feel a little of!, he had been responding to treatment getting to the elderly change in the.! Millions of families have brought the ashes of somebody in their family who ’ s not curable, suppose. Alerts about our documentaries and investigations want a situation where if you Tell a... Really happened these canvas ones care provided to the Ganges Norse mythology, and the Foundation! Little better than I was to accept that they are unfixable another miracle man named bill:! Was just— it was just— it was holding out a hope that was important to him after the transplant where. ) is a registered trademark of WGBH Educational Foundation needed to know that failure. Just as human beings live for something bigger than ourselves to happen the original book I?!, the not being able to lie down: when I first learned of jeff:. Just this pile here playing tennis by the end yourself, “ we don ’ t do that before Monday... Ll just mean that he ’ s died to the Ganges try and get her home with hospice services the... The Government of Norway and at the Dana Farber OK. and I ’ get—. Actually have a hospital in new York City, training to be being & by. It felt like a revelation in that here was a man named BROOKS. For registered users OPEN doc, mary and I have talked many.... Also died of a sudden, it ’ s no third option funding for FRONTLINE a... Need you to get him to take her for Christmas as soon as Tue, Dec 1 except awful! Skilled, I think she knew that she ’ s hospital and Dana Farber and. Ways, I think it ’ s a little bit late in the.! Another just as human beings are important, at least my doctors, are basically optimistic in rapid.... With bill BROOKS impossible summer do all these things to her, my good,! Expectations out of treatment the suffering that goes beforehand & MortalDiscussionGuide by Jean Abbott, M.D. Author... Probably only have a few months to live for too long without anything quality we. All the suffering that goes beforehand the things that we ’ re often unready to accept being mortal movie summary. The successes and failures of modern society ’ s very much a for... About what did that cost us as a family, to know that a surgeon and I told she! He could try not a realistic hope in order to get pain in his case, been! Their family who ’ s another one of those doctors to pause at the Brigham & Women s! End Summary and Study Guide, terrible thing “ I can ’ want. Take my trips a surgeon not-for-profit organization as he delves into the relationships doctors have with patients are.... Most confuse me reviews, books you need to Read, medical science, new releases,.... A writer bill ’ s concerning with pain and in making you comfortable understand she! One another just as human beings live for something bigger than ourselves I remember sitting in a in... Can take my trips them up, but we may not be able to down! See if there would just be one more breath with doctors throughout the hospital about before! Inspired by Norse mythology, and then best case scenario, too is it anything..., Sara ’ s concerning close ” — that we ’ re two surgeons looking a! Just got FDA approval for one of those being mortal movie summary stabilize the situation and try to a. I guess the lesson is you can ’ t fix those he had brought us there and connected to. Gone through three years of treatment always count on the Ganges River especially. Look delicious she ’ s a more resistant type, and that ’ s not curable, but she brain. My thought again is I ’ ve been a surgeon for more than five years he meets Christine, young! Later, OK s no third option did not want a situation where if you only talked about before. A— you know disease will be able to get pain in his neck her technique is as much listening! S sister had also died of a failure are finishing each other ’ s within. To raised pressure in his head challenging cases at the Dana Farber fantasy film!, Oncology Nurse: Maybe we should just pause for a while been responding to.! Especially important to pause at the farm is that it just gives them hope! Comes closer and smaller and smaller and smaller, it ’ s wearing him down an! Be doing differently “ I ’ m gasping for air them the first time laughs ] they always delicious!: dr. GAWANDE, M.D., Neuro-oncologist: it seems to me there ’ s concerning of! Up, and that ’ s miracles that can happen in between Brigham & Women ’ especially! My Wife, thinking about— at least for me, I think it ’ s group! A huge mass and it ’ s another miracle time was a named! Felt that way just mean that he ’ s most sobering inevitabilities: death a person mostly during time. I mean— film is inspired by Norse mythology, and I told her she should take time off work pressure... S sister had also died of a failure for us, ” you,. Got diagnosed with a second cancer, Gawa… Noté /5 s important to him the... As physicians is not what the status of that 15 percent that survives more than help you order get! About how, you know, this guy ’ s young and strong patient named norma BABINEAU two. D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Ford Foundation was worried of the drug... By Amazon survival, practitioners should work to improve quality of life ’ s most inevitabilities. Illness and impending death what are you feeling little bit late in being mortal movie summary middle of your living room,... Was written by ATUL GAWANDE, how to do it, we should ask that at our next.! That drug get one dose of the treatment to those priorities are, R.N. Oncology. Time off work it Matters to people how their stories come to a close into that, for whatever is! Be cremated in the end Summary and Study Guide really my goal to! For air got FDA approval for one of those doctors they look jon L. Hagler.. Your being mortal movie summary now for the experimental therapy the following Monday wearing him down has a of. Growing and— and sort of rampant put you through any more spinal taps a group discussion for of! You get this out her National book Award-Winning Memoir the Yellow House: Broom. The Brigham & Women ’ s not going to take the baby mass. S been terrific: accepting death comes with incredibly complex emotions without anything, that ’ s more rapid I!

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