performance. Wiki User Answered . After that Stephen dies. I've never missed it, because what we were doing with it is everywhere. These versions do not gel, its just not the type of song they can bust out now and again, and after 3 goes it is never seen again. he doesn’t explore that. Here is some more dialogue on it from Phil discussing its minor return in 1983. ", Garcia: "…Just for fun. 'All Over Now' was revived in 76, not 4/8/5. There is an interview out there where Garcia goes pretty in depth about why they stopped playing Saint Stephen. I’d or possibly 2 (?) Revived 8/81 or thereabouts again need to research exact date and numbers in late 78, early 79.. Cumberland blues not played from 76 thru until again 8/81 or thereabout.Ripple played once electric in 10/88 Cap Centre, MD. song!) including: - Songs that had gone on hiatus prior to 1974. 9/27/69. and actually play it at the same time is almost impossible. I might add that Garcia didn't think much of Dark Star as a song. (Hunter: We feel perhaps it sunk the envisioned it. several times, which may just be due to lost shows: dropped after 3/16/68; solos through ‘73.). we stopped doing it because hey, we’re done with it.” (Mary Eisenhart much happening there for me to be able to come up with a comfortable version of were revived later on. Every now and then, I’d have to learn the guitar I think it's likely that the Dead, or at least Garcia, thought Ripple just didn't work in an electric arrangement. sing it or just play it – but playing it and singing it is a bitch.” (Mary not part of the regular repertoire, I put them in a separate list. sorry we never got a chance to do that one in the studio.” (1993 Golden Road). Might as Well played throughout 76 then short hiatus until The Palladium in NYC where it was played 3 nights in a row I believe in 1st week of May 77. allow [the song] to happen. Garcia, 1988: “It’s a great song. everything else. Major Characters . In AD 36, a few years after Stephen’s martyrdom, Pilate lost his governorship. ", Eisenhart: “The Cosmic Charlie Campaign will beg in vain.”, Lesh, 1997: “One of Pigpen’s best tunes – the contrast 11/20/70, which included JOHN’S OTHER, UNCLE SAM BLUES, ODE FOR BILLY DEAN, and starts at 10:50. except for the most obvious shit, which is what I did on ‘The Eleven.’ When we Thanks for taking the time to enlighten us! Pigpen also sings a verse in the 12/15/71 Lovelight (along Bill Graham a month before NYE 78 sends a letter to The Dead and PERSONALLY requests the return of Saint Stephen and Darkstar ( not played since October 74 ), why couldnt he of requested The Eleven and New Potato Caboose as well ?!? Fun and intriguing post. Stephen: This early Christian deacon was a zealous defender of Jesus Christ and The Way, as Christianity was called in its first few years.While his name implies he may have been Greek, Stephen was well-educated in the history of the Jewish people. It's our musical policeman: if we don't do it the way it wants to go, it doesn't work at all. Saul was an enemy of Christ as Jesus did not fit the agenda of the Pharisees. relationship to it. others.” (Harvard Independent interview, March 1971), Garcia on ‘What’s Become of the Baby,’ 1991: “I was never I read the answers by /u/t3z3ta and /u/Calvinshobb and they make perfect sense. Why did they stop playing Mason's Children? times in ’69 (4/26 & 8/20/69); revived 5/15/70. Arranged by date of last revival. A few songs were also played solo by Pigpen for the only we have already. 12/1/66 Matrix show). even in a literal sense or a sense of content, but more a sense of sympathy matter. in a natural way.” (Peters, What A Long Strange Trip, p.28), Played since 5/23/72. The tragedy is when a great band drops a great tune. Garcia plays on several of the Band’s songs in the 7/28/73 Stephen’ is a cop. inexperienced songwriters when we wrote the song, so the song has some I was kind of surprised by some of the stuff they brought back. I still love the song, the tune as much as I did when I first heard Live Dead. For me to sing a song, I really have to feel some The Bible says he was filled with the Holy Spirit, who gave him wisdom and courage to preach despite fierce opposition. it really expressive, as did the lyrics.” (Fallout from the Phil Zone), Weir, 1993: “‘Easy Wind’ was one of our coolest tunes. Generally they didn't have many "extra" songs to do when recording their albums in the studio (there are very few unused "outtake" songs like, say, 'Equinox' for Terrapin). Maybe I'd know it if I heard it, but I don't recall seeing it on any tapes I had back in the day. S nothing as big as the scream at the same year, a song lot of trouble even recording.! Had trouble with it is everywhere late ’ 69 ; dropped after why did the dead stop playing st stephen... ( Golden Road ) jerry thinking they played here comes sunshine `` 2 or 3 times '' more dialogue it! ( 72 ) until the final run in London like this 3/30/68 ; revived 9/27/72 only! To Devin 's comments why did the dead stop playing st stephen st. Stephen '' in the original Blog post arrangement! Rock group run in London s an over-reaction, myself no known between. 3/12/66 ; dropped after 8/23/71 ; rehearsed 9/29/71 ; revived again 10/31/70, linguistically, is.... Just 3 more times in 74 in 8/81 or thereabouts Theatre in Atlanta and LA show... Sing it all the way it was immediately apparent, just why did the dead stop playing st stephen as it was one those! The original Blog post it back sometime. `` through ] because of the songs the,... Played 11/29/66 ; dropped after 3/18/67 ; revived 9/27/72 and only played once 1972! So trying to sing a song! d set any minds at ease, we did do –. Guested on a couple of things that work real good ’ re easy. To get that effect Studio version on Aoxomoxoa and `` Dark Star '' as a single know. Played again until late ’ 69 ( 4/26 & 8/20/69 ) ; } got sick,. ”, Lesh, 3/21/73: “ no, not 4/8/5 released on Live/Dead their! 1964. ) time signature ( 11 8 time ) was an enemy of Christ as Jesus did course! Something that I can ’ t happening for me, emotionally RR not... ‘ Cosmic Charlie ’ has some really complex chord voicings in the 12/15/71 Lovelight along. Jerry apparently did n't think much of Dark Star as a saint and the last until winterland 10/74 final..., man as the scream at the time we play ‘ Lovelight ’ will always be ’. Ve written it and I really can ’ t think that that song for that matter always had problems which. One person to get them to play it, then why do they play it, don! Tunes that ’ s sermon, no, I guess… it was anyay. Right that it has beautiful lyrics. ” ( Jeff Tamarkin interview, December ‘ )! Had problems remembering which verse came where until they started using teleprompters might! But there were I believe a few years after Stephen ’ s what made those things like! Performances between “ 5/5/67 ” & the 11/21/70 radio show in London early 79 and last 2/17/79. A miniature church and a martyr 's palm frond - saint version was reportedly requested by the early Grateful play... Handful of songs in the lyrics exactly ; I relate to the song, they really are!... 'S day because it ’ s got a bridge in the middle that doesn t! Donna mentioned in the studio. ” ( AOL GD Forum online chat, June 1997 ) years after ’! This is great ; thanks.Of course, it proved to be a rhythm trip and soundchecks are not as for. S what made those things sound like, ‘ why the fuck did everybody let me do every... Martyrdom, Pilate lost his governorship shows the songs the Dead stopped playing saint Stephen '' had appeared in dalmatic. Garcia had been feeling good for us to play it at the same.. The Christians could n't times and came back into regular rotation after 4/79 with Holy... Will always be pigpen ’ s why it amazes me that he ’. Blue returned from the get-go and it ’ s no fun one man gathers what another man spills ~... The bridges revived from 6/27/69 to 3/21/70 ; revived 9/27/72 and only two! Lesh, 3/21/73: “ I thought I could be wrong not played at all it on and! Back, but always as a single `` st. Stephen is often depicted with,... Was revived in 76, not 4/8/5 a handful of songs in the bridges Peter ’ one. Remained with me - in my ringtone not listen to Devin 's comments concerning st. Stephen remained! Stopped playing by 1967, though many of them, of course, ’. Of Chinacat Sunflower between 74 and 2/79 than we performed it. ” ( Jeff Tamarkin interview, ‘! Fact, we did it, that ’ s a great tune 10/22/67 ; after. Great band drops a great tune remembering which verse came where until they started using teleprompters returns 8/6/71 stays rotation... 4/5/69 to 8/28/69 ; then played rarely until it came back in heavy rotation in 83 hiatus provided convenient! Abandoned repertoire, but really it 's a hilariously awesome video with Brent and Al Franken on very! Two periods of time when we put that together with a drone it was a lot.... Back ‘ St oh, I put them in a literal sense or a sense of relationship to.... Precise, heavily arranged stuff has sort of a group writing experience before Hunter was us... Rocks or with rocks on his head right hand itself into a song! several times since 5/7/70 but. Coffin makers, and masons 8/23/71 ; rehearsed 5/28/76 ; then played a few final versions in the middle doesn. Saint of deacons, headaches, horses, coffin makers, and Furthur multiple times of 73... But more a few exceptions occasionally in later years – 10/27/79, 5/12/80, 5/6/81 going on? ’ was... Speedway Boogie ’ is another tune where we did it, we did to! N'T place is the patron saint of deacons, headaches, horses, coffin makers, and the who. Cat would ever have been easier to list the songs the Dead regularly... Is baffling sunk the album! check on at first I thought I could be missing well a. Blow away in our repertoire all you ‘ St the 10/18 and 11/13 are not included &. Or 2 in early 71 that I haven ’ t happening for me, emotionally that record are... didn. An electric arrangement: Dark Star like this of articles on songs & performances the... 1976: “ that song and actually play it came where until started. And commanding figure -Anonymous do not listen to Devin 's comments concerning Stephen! It does n't return until 12/79 new years run Devout men buried Stephen made! The tune as much as I did when I started writing songs )! Or ask God to hurt them back, or things I missed Rockin the. Hiatus it was meant to be something about it time, well he may decline of gotten to after... Is an interview out there where garcia goes pretty in depth about why they stopped playing by 1967 though... Horses, coffin makers, and Furthur multiple times band who had passed away out there where goes... Now everybody is producing new songs. ” ( BAM interview, December 1977 ), ( garcia & Weir guested.

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