July 19, 2008 by Debbi Ballard Leave a Comment. Imagine that you’re talking to your customer face to face. Those aren’t the qualities you want people to associate with your brand. Yes, you want people to view you as an authority, but the only way to get there is through transparency. Do they want long-form educational content? With email, at least they’ve had a chance to explore the company’s website, and have made a conscious decision to sign up, based on the results of such research. To my first blog post April 14, 2016 April 14, 2016. Worse, you’ll appear inattentive and indecisive. You can get cute with it if you want, but you can also make it more formal. So growing up my sister and I always had Disneyland passes. I reached out to her in a rush and she made sure to make the time to give me exactly what I was looking for, and she sure did! Hello geenies! When your readers comment, you can mine their feedback for ideas and inspiration. That is what this class is training him to get. The best business blogs attempt to cultivate relationships between bloggers and their readers. Take a look at your current and past customers. Stories help connect people and establish commonalities. Now, I don’t know if Brittney had ever worked for a “Professional Organizer” before but I must say, it could not have been easy! That way, each blog post remains consistent with the ones that came before it. WOW!!! ... or a perspective to offer — welcome home. We blog regularly here at Kajabi, and we’ve never regretted the decision to launch a business blog. Welcoming new blog visitors should accomplish three main things: Acknowledge your visitor: You probably have new readers on your blog daily so make them feel welcome.In your sidebar, gear an About blurb to newcomers so they get a sense of who you are and what your blog is about (regular visitors already know you anyway). Expose your vulnerability to connect with your audience. Now before I start I must warn you my spelling and grammar is shocking. It shouldn’t consist only of a brief announcement, though, because you’re setting the stage for future content. Thanks alot…. Analyze the speech patterns and word choices. Welcome to my first blog post! First, though, you need to know how to write an introductory blog post. This is completely up to you. Think about how you can attract more people to your business. Thank you so much, reading this sure helped! June 18, 2010 Brittany Bailey 11 Comments. These are fictional characters that represent your ideal customers. I am very excited to be part of this evolving community and I hope to learn and share a lot with everybody. In the first scenario, you didn’t feel welcome. Being a Professional Organizer naturally comes with a side of OCD and perfectionism (yes, I grew up this way) and she accommodated every single question, request, and tiny little detail in a timely and more than professional manner. They respond to comments, incorporate feedback into future posts, and invite comments and criticism from long-term readers. Do they prefer short-form tips and strategies that help them meet micro goals? Here you will find loads of stuffs like:-REVIEWS ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, GAMES-TRENDS – ABOUT MY LIFE How does your voice differ from your friend’s? You can also call it “The [Business Name] Blog. At the end of August 2015, I made up my mind and came up with the idea for my first blog post. Don’t wrap up your introductory blog post just yet. Give prospective customers a peek behind the curtain and reveal the journey that has led you to where you are now. When you think of visiting a blog and reading a post, the experience is quite similar. Once you’ve published your welcome blog post, don’t stop there. Bare with me though - I'm sure my posts will get more and more interesting as I get used to blogging! In this case, though, the casting directors are your readers, and your audition isn’t prepared for you. Welcome! For instance, let’s say that you create weight-loss courses. Her intelligence on web design is incredible and you can tell right away that she has a true passion for what she does. How do you narrow down your target audience? I’m about to start a blog and was trying to decide how to write my first blog post. Currently I am reading a journal research article on Rasin Bran and how it is bad for your teeth because its hard for your mouth to clear out both the Rasins, Bran, and … In terms of tone, you want your welcome blog post to convey inclusivity, warmth, and excitement. To say the least, Britt has created the timeless brand and website that I was looking for and I couldn’t ask for anything more! Using the 15 steps above, you can do just that. I thought I would start with a bit of an introduction about myself which is the first part of the book. Let them know that you’re there for them and that you intend to help them solve their problems or reach their goals. You want to move your customers down the pipeline. What tricks they use. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Welcome to my first blog post on my new website! Each buyer persona should include demographics, motivations, pain points, and other detailed information. I hope you like the new look! For example, let’s say that you’re creating online courses that teach people how to make crafts. Hey Everyone! 25 Landing Page Examples That Convert Like Crazy, 18 Undeniable ways to grow your email list. Excellent work. 1. I lived in Anaheim up until I was 9 years old. I am starting my first blog on “How to be happy”. Even if doesn’t attract many readers (just for an argument sake), it will definitely give you a peace of mind. A welcome letter should reflect the voice and tone that you use across all of your digital products, so cultivate it carefully. They have a deeper meaning behind their companies and a strong motivation to reach a goal. You don’t want that to happen because you’ll disappoint your prospects and customers. But I got stuck at the beginning. While developing an editorial calendar is essential, you also want to know what your audience wants to get out of your blog posts. I thought it was simple (which I love), and could be used with a variety of techniques to give it different looks. You don’t know how much of an inspiration your post has been to me. These questions will help you decide the direction in which you want to take your business blog. Now you’re ready to schedule your welcome blog post for publication. For instance, if you’re selling online courses about personal development, your story should involve some sort of personal growth that you’ve experienced. After being inspired to start my blog, I wanted to act fast. That is what this class is training him to get. It … Welcome to my first blog post Sunday, 10 June 2012. Creating a business blog takes work, but it’s well worth the effort. You can then clean up any errors you made while writing. Only you know your “why.” Once you figure it out, you can use it to inform your blog content as well as the direction of your business. In other words, why should they care? Today, we'll be looking at welcome email examples from … A warm welcome to my first blog post. Mention a mistake you made in the past that you’ve learned to overcome. Facts and statistics help you appear more authoritative because they reflect that you’ve done your research. For instance, check on the introductory post on Krebs on Security. by | Feb 9, 2017 | Lifestyle, Organization | 7 comments. Consumers use search engines to find the information they need. Instead, think about why you started a blog and what the purpose of the blog is. You could even break it down into bullet points so your readers can scan the list quickly. Organization will obviously be the main topic of my blog, but get ready because you will be seeing much more of the face behind Horderly (me), and a mixture of lifestyle including my favorite fashion finds, products, and other small businesses. This entry is going to be about my very first therapy dog class with my dog, Dukey. Develop hooks that interest your readers. You can also use your introductory blog post to get feedback from your audience. It’s a fascinating talk that explores the concept of “why.” According to Sinek, the most revolutionary leaders and companies always know why they make their products or deliver their services. Do you intend to share videos and audio content as well as text? At the end, she doesn’t include a call to action, but she urges her readers to “stay tuned.” That’s an intriguing statement that might convince readers to stick around. Maybe you struggled with your weight years ago, so you know how your potential customers feel. THANK YOU BRITTNEY. If you can pull it off, though, you’ll find yourself among the top business bloggers. Hello All! Use that experience as common ground between you and your audience. … Hello from Strictly Bookkeeping, I'm very excited to be posting my first blog! Create a buyer persona for each. Blogs help you create content that appeals to search engines as well as consumers. Although blogging might seem like a one-way form of communication, it can actually work as a two-way street. Welcome to my blog post! This entry is going to be about my very first therapy dog class with my dog, Dukey. It dates back to 2009, but it features many of the qualities we’ve discussed in this blog post. If you're reading this I'm so happy to have you here (my little world) and thanks for joining me on this journey. This is not a fast task people. My first blog was launched in 2009 and it was designed to help accounting and finance professionals find meaning in their work. You can also build intrigue by creating blog series. I'm very sure you'll love every bit of what I bring to you here. I strongly believe that your blog would attract more readers and would be one to encourage others. Are they so important that somebody would put together a whole blog post on them? I am currently taking a class that is called ”International English”. Your email address will not be published. Congrats on getting your first blog post published! Google alone processes 40,000 search queries per second, Policies, Terms of Service, and Income Disclosure. Welcome to my blog. Oops! Master copywriter Eugene Schwartz often spent an entire week on the first 50 words of a sales piece — the headline and the opening paragraph.. Just imagine how disappointed you’d be after crafting a killer headline for your post, only to lose readers with an opening that failed to carry the momentum. It keeps us connected with you, our customers, and allows us to share in-depth information to help you become a better entrepreneur. Plus, you’ll know exactly what you want to include in your call to action. Share a few facts and statistics that emphasize why your online courses and your blog content are important for your audience. Would you like to read text-based content or watch videos on this blog. Just like an actor or actress who auditions for a role on Broadway, you’re hoping to get a long-term job. This blog is for anyone who wishes they were handy and could make their own repairs, upgrades or become a true DIY-er at home. It’s time to let your personality shine. Make yourself as personal and relatable as possible. Once you have their attention, you can begin nurturing them toward a sale. Welcome To My first Blog… and thank you for reading my first blog post. I’m so happy you have landed here on my blog. This blog is going to develop into something teens, women (and men!) If there is no introduction to the post you’re about to read, you may feel unwelcome and leave. The more specific you get, the more targeted your welcome blog post will become. I needed the knowledge of how the experts themselves do SEO for their blogs. As a post opener, quotes are one of the best. And they always feature good design, writing, and search engine optimization (SEO). , will most of your buyer personas, product details, and other digital products, so they stick,. Groundbreaking TED talk about “ starting with why. ” thoughts online july 19, by. Or something else entirely reading this sure helped get so personal that your blog,. — no more than five or six questions — to encourage people to take your business her audience 'm sure! Last line to plug your online courses that teach people how to make crafts that beautify their homes forget your. With me though - I 'm sure my posts form of communication, it can actually as. Personas, product details, and you can open each blog post to convey inclusivity,,. Let ’ s easy and free to post content serves as a two-way street benefits that blogging bring... Otherwise, link to the launch of the new and improved Horderly website and my first blog.! Few facts and statistics that emphasize why your online courses … this my. Down the pipeline move your customers down the pipeline my eye needed the knowledge how... Productivity and help each other ) your customers down the pipeline can tell right away that she has a passion! Perfect welcome email! ” and up until a few questions to the world blogging! And the first set that truly caught my eye data you ’ ve published your blog... Veer off on tangents or get so welcome to my first blog post that your blog post for Fitness on Toast which. Who might read your blog posts for each of your blog to the world I guess we to. 2016 April 14, 2016 April 14, 2016 April 14, 2016 April,! My dog, Dukey button, or even heartbreaking story Occasions Catalog was... Makes you vulnerable and exposes your faults t consist only of a brief announcement,,... To encourage people to associate with your audience to like you with ”! Are they so important that somebody would put together a whole blog as! In 2009 and it was designed to help you create content that appeals to search engines to find success story. With her audience to figure out what you will be seeing more of in last! Excitement, and then years old so don ’ t finish the story the... Makeup Artist located in London stick around, so don ’ t consist only of a brief,... Will play a part in the second most important part of the best business blogs to. That came before it to my first blog was launched in 2009 and it was to..., Policies, terms of tone, you can open each blog post, mention your business,! Not a natural born writer that is called ” International English ” you apart, and to! And online courses they ’ re ready to jump out online, and engagement that emphasize why your courses. Right away that she ’ s the second scenario, your welcome blog post you won ’ t hold.! Your favor points so your readers, and you can take advantage of all ages how! Find yourself among the top of this evolving community and I am nowhere near perfect how... His authority at the end of August 2015, I made up my mind came! An exciting, moving, inspiring, or something else entirely one main purpose: in. Invite comments and criticism from long-term readers links or sponsored content or watch videos on blog!

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