He uses Rory's phone to write a "slightly intelligent" virus that will turn every digital display in the world to "zero" at the same time; in other words, it's more of an inconvenience than a threat. After suffering yet another miscarriage, a doctor informs Maria that she's too old to carry a child. When Prisoner Zero takes the form of the mother with two daughters, the older, longer haired girl always appears to the right of the mother. The TARDIS control room from the Ninth and Tenth Doctor's era was restored and left standing for eighteen months after it was used in this episode at the request of writer, This story contains minor references to previous episodes written by Steven Moffat. Main enemy: Confidential: Director: Matt Smith revealed that there are five things in this story to look out for over the course of the series, the cracks being one of the five things. The Doctor tells them to turn their backs if they're embarrassed; Rory does so, but Amy watches the Doctor get dressed. She is in wonder at the TARDIS interior. Steven Moffat When the Doctor slaps himself in the forehead exclaiming, "I missed it! This is the only televised story starring a single incarnation of the Doctor to refer to the number of that incarnation in its title. In the final TARDIS scene, the Doctor obtains his new sonic screwdriver, juggles it and pockets it. He says he has become bored travelling alone; he then adds talking to himself gives him an earache. This is evident when looking at the way the Doctor is moving. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Moffat would later write an episode in which the Doctor jumps from a window on the upper floors of a castle, then calculates his chances of survival in his head as he falls. The Atraxi have surrounded Earth in a force field to prepare the planet for boiling. Amy and Rory find the coma ward a mess, but oddly no corpses. However, he is instead greeted by a cricket bat to the face. The episode was extensively previewed before broadcast, with theatrical screenings in several British cities as part of a promotional tour at the end of March 2010, and on the east and west coasts of the United States. "I think someone's going to notice, don't you?" Robert McElwaine. He then gets an expected response: Rory tells him that the man can't be in the park because he's in a hospital in a coma. For the purposes of this list, a "post-regeneration story" is one in which the after-effects of a regeneration is actually and initially depicted and the Time Lord fully settles into their new body. The Doctor says, "The end of the world". In addition, there were also press screenings, such as the Canadian one held in Toronto 8 April after which Moffat participated in a Q&A via Skype. Adam Smith This is the first time the Doctor doesn't use a mirror to find out what he looked like after a regeneration (as part of one of Prisoner Zero's forms was him). The police woman runs back to the Doctor, closing the door behind her. A new title sequence by Framestore debuted with this episode, along with yet another Murray Gold theme arrangement. Fanáticos por Doctor who: The Eleventh Hour. A small image of the crack from her bedroom appears on the scanner, but the Doctor adjusts the scanner and the crack quickly disappears. The Doctor and Amy head to the town square, and the Doctor is annoyed to discover that Leadworth, where Amelia lives, has no technology to help him. The first minute of the episode was released as a special preview on the digital Red Button service a week before its first BBC One broadcast.[1][2]. As he starts climbing out, he has a look down into the TARDIS, explaining that he'd had to climb up from the library. The Doctor emerges from a hologram of his predecessor, now wearing a bow-tie and tweed jacket. Amused, the Doctor tells it that he knows it's a bluff as that kind of link takes months to make; however, Prisoner Zero adds that it's had years to make the link. Please bring back some descent actors, or how Cloris Leachman said it in the roast of Bob Saget "Can someone please hit me so I can see some stars".Update2 (2012): well, it's clear Matt Smith has killed doctor who with his ridiculous presentation of Doctor Who, shame shame shame of such a good series.Update season 7: well well well, what a surprise, Matt Smith has finally become Doctor Who!!! The Hungry Earth. And if the Doctor doesn't act soon the world will end in twenty minutes...but that won't happen for another twelves years! ← Previous The Doctor is left to ponder how he can draw Prisoner Zero into the open; he then has an idea, asking the name of her good looking friend - Jeff. At that moment the fire truck's ladder rams through the window; the Doctor climbs in, glad to have a few minutes left before the Ataxi burn them. However, some consider. Directed by Adam Smith. Here's why. The Doctor runs up to the door, finding it locked; he gets the barely-functioning sonic to open the door. View production, box office, & company info. Hearing someone approach, the Doctor asks if it's Amelia. And if the Doctor doesn't act soon the world will end in twenty minutes...but that won't happen for another twelves years! You can clearly see that his tweed jacket has mysteriously changed pattern, becoming the pattern that is not shown again until. When the Doctor crashes the fire engine's ladder through the window and Prisoner Zero looks on, the two girls have switched places. Season 10 actually began nine years after season 1 started. Though not the first episode of the 2010 series filmed, it was the public's first full exposure to a new production ethos, as shaped by new executive producers Moffat, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis. When the Doctor is talking to young Amelia in her front yard, the background ambient of the "retro" TARDIS interior theme is heard, but the TARDIS still has the old coral theme, which has a different ambient "hum". The role of the Doctor is growing on Matt Smith, but my god, he is boring as hell!! One clothing retailer reported that in the month following the airing of this episode in which the Doctor declared that "bow ties are cool," its bow tie sales increased by 94%. • Special thanks to: Nikki Wilson. New Doctor. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. The prison guard is then heard broadcasting a message that Prisoner Zero has been found and will vacate the human residence. (. The house belongs to Amelia's friend Jeff Angelo and his grandmother. The Doctor commandeers a fire engine to the hospital, communicating with Amy who's stuck outside the coma ward due to Prisoner Zero's attack and instructing her to use her police woman uniform to get past hospital security. When the Doctor notes that he'd have thought Amelia's parents would have been woken up by now, she tells him that she doesn't have a mum or dad but lives with her Aunt Sharon. He was responsible for the "Doctor's eye view" sequence on the Leadworth village green, which leads to the Doctor noticing that Rory was taking pictures of Prisoner Zero. Having Just regenerated the Doctor arrives in a small English village where he meets a seven year old Scottish girl called Amelia Pond. He also gives Patrick Moore's number to Mrs Angelo, and advises Jeff to erase his internet history as he has apparently been visiting some sites of questionable taste. However, one of the daughters is now talking in her mother's voice — it's Prisoner Zero again. He gestures inside, and she enters. Trying to get the sonic working to open the door, the Doctor is unknowingly watched by someone from Amelia's room. When the Atraxi first starts scanning the Doctor, from the camera behind the Doctor, the scanner light is halfway down his body, but when it switches to in front of him, it's just then going by his head. They run across the park to confront Rory. The Doctor returns to Jeff's home, and uses his laptop to break in on a conference call between some of the most advanced scientific minds in the world; he proves his intellect by producing multiple scientific theories and a joke. While Rory is still having trouble believing that the Doctor exists, Amy forces him to comply. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor) While dining at Rosa's, the First Doctor overheard a message from a future incarnation addressed to Susan Foreman and Cedric Chivers. The Doctor uses his powers of telepathy to encourage Amy to instead dream of Prisoner Zero. Prisoner Zero states that "the Pandorica will open", and repeats, "Silence will fall", both phrases that will be heard for the rest of Series 5. Seeing the Doctor still using his phone, Rory wonders what he's up to; the Doctor is tracing the call back. The Doctor's self-congratulatory slang gets a series of blank stares and the flustered Doctor mumbles, "Oh, it's, I'm never saying that again, fine! However, the sonic is damaged and the strain of the task causes it to burn out completely. However, with the TARDIS damaged and the sonic screwdriverdestroyed, can the Doctor capture the rogue alien before its jailers burn Earth to a crisp? (, When the Atraxi note that the Doctor is not from Earth, he responds with, "No, but I've put a lot of work into it." They use a broom to bar the handles, but Prisoner Zero manages to break in after some effort. During the final scene inside the TARDIS, we see close-up views of the Doctor's hands turning three joysticks and typing on the typewriter. He asks for an apple as they're the only thing he can think of; his regeneration is giving him a craving, which he's never had before. He rushes outside with Amelia, telling her that the TARDIS' engines are in danger of phasing out of existence. Featuring: ", he ends up with a red mark, but when the camera cuts to the close-up, the red mark has vanished. They reach the roof with the Doctor wearing a dress shirt with trousers held up with braces. Prisoner Zero refuses, knowing the Atraxi would kill it this time anyway, and wants the entire Earth to die in flames with it. Lots of speculation began concerning Rory Williams' 1990 badge date and how it conflicted with many things seen and heard on-screen (slim camera-phones, When the Doctor and Amy leave her yard in the TARDIS at the end of the episode, the clock in the TARDIS is shown changing from 11:59am to 12:00pm, despite the fact that it is clearly night outside. He explains that because he's saving the world, he needs a decent shirt - "To hell with the raggedy; time to put on a show!" This episode aired on the same day as the. The Doctor is disappointed that, not only does she kiss people for a living, but she also dropped the name Amelia for Amy, citing its fairy tale quality — which the Doctor complimented on their last meeting — as its worst point. Steering's a bit off". Licking it, he learns the "new" shed is 12 years old. Call Me the Doctor As the Doctor explains, a coma patient fulfils a multi-form's requirement for a living, but dormant, mind to form a psychic link with. He yells for her to check and see if it's in there; it could've rolled under the door when she hit him. The Doctor sees the Atraxi are not focused on simply Amelia's house as the "human residence", and immediately runs to the first house he sees with Amelia following. The Beast Below He thanks her and pockets the apple. The Doctor explains, "New mouth, new rules". The Doctor decides to set this aside and instead enjoys a victory speech as the virus takes hold of the clock on the wall and changes the counter to zero; this occurs all across the world as a means of getting the Atraxi's attention. The Doctor, realising the prisoner has escaped through Amelia's bedroom, rushes out into the corridor to investigate and deduces that he's missing something out of the corner of his eye. Yelling "Geronimo! At the hospital, Rory and Ramsden examine the patients carefully, but they still appear to be in comas. She then angrily informs him that all of the events surrounding Prisoner Zero and the Atraxi happened two years ago; thus, it has been fourteen years since fish fingers and custard, fourteen years since he first promised her a trip. Rory is feeling a little insulted. Release details Now I also have to say that the stories are not of the high quality of seasons 1-4, but David Tennant could turn even the most boring episode into something entertaining. Title: The woman picks up the sonic, but senses something is in the room with her. run." 1:11. watch Doctor Who "The eleventh hour" ONLINE. The TARDIS doors swing open, and a grappling hook flies out, hooking onto a wheelbarrow. Written by The Doctor recalls being hit by a cricket bat, to which the police woman states he was breaking and entering. To write the virus, the Doctor uses Rory's BlackBerry Storm (confirmed by Engadget-4/04/10). In the middle of remarking about a duck pond without ducks, the Doctor suddenly convulses and falls to the ground, protesting that it is "too early" and he's "not ready yet". With a smile, he coolly says, "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Fascinated and puzzled by the mysterious and bizarre stranger who claims to be a time traveler. Main setting: As it slowly fades away, Prisoner Zero hisses its warning again "Silence, Doctor. When the Atraxi is scanning the Doctor, the camera from behind shows his head tilted, but when the camera view switches to in front of the Doctor, his head is straight up. Story number: The Eleventh Hour Original Airdate: 3 Apr 2010 [Tardis] (The Tardis is tumbling out of control and going Bang! With his TARDIS in ruins, the newly-regenerated Doctor with the help of Amy Pond must save the world in less than twenty minutes from galactic policemen known as the Atraxi. Rory attempts to inform his supervisor of other suspicious circumstances pertaining to the coma patients, even proffering his phone with the suggestion that the pictures on it can prove his theory. Amelia tells him that they're in England, where they had to move to and she doesn't like. Prisoner Zero The Doctor can only ask, "What?" The Eleven was the main alias used by the eleventh incarnation of a renegade Time Lord who suffered from regenerative dissonance. The TARDIS is crashing towards Earth after the Tenth Doctor's, Perception filters are also used by the TARDIS keys (, The Doctor uses the phrase, "Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey". The St. John's Ambulance logo is visible on the CGI wideshots of the TARDIS, yet on the live-action close-up, the doors remain as they have been since 2005. Doctor Who News Page - Matt Smith First DVD Release Date, https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The_Eleventh_Hour_(TV_story)?oldid=3048496. She thanks Santa, and goes to investigate. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She bit them all when they told her he wasn't real. It marked a new era in Doctor Who with Moffat taking over from Davies' hugely popular run.It put Matt Smith and Karen Gillen on … She asks if the door will hold Prisoner Zero, making the Doctor sarcastically retort, "It's an alien multi-form from outer space; they're all terrified of wood!" Remember, however, that this list only gives the first year in which an episode from a series was broadcast. Tell me. She also offers him an apple with a smiley face carved into it, as her mother used to make for her to help her like them. (, The Doctor opens the TARDIS by clicking his fingers. Amy Tom Hopper (born 28 January 19851) played Jeff Angelo in the Doctor Who television story The Eleventh Hour. Amy tells the Doctor that Prisoner Zero has beaten them back; he encourages them to get out of the hospital. When the Doctor leaves Amelia for his TARDIS-stabilising, five-minute hop into the future. Their argument is cut short when they suddenly realise that the Atraxi message is broadcasting over all of the town's electronics, including mobile phones, iPods, even the speaker of an ice cream van. The Doctor has Rory carrying coats, while a selection of ties hangs off his shoulders. Writhing, the serpent is frozen by the light. However, he has little time to recover. The footage selected for that scene had the characters looking right, which would have contradicted the fact that the Doctor crashed in from their left. She releases the Doctor's tie, asking what they have to do; the Doctor tells her "stop that nurse." Amelia wonders how a box can have engines, and the Doctor tells her his TARDIS is a time machine. This season is just fantastic and brings back old memory's, keep up the good work!! Rory Who's that?" In the kitchen scene, after the Doctor has taken a bite out of the apple and has spat it out, he puts the bitten fruit back into the fruit bowl that Amelia is holding and it can be seen in the bowl when Amelia is running to the refrigerator to get him yoghurt. Now." The Doctor checks his pockets for the sonic screwdriver, finding it's not with him. Amy then makes the Doctor promise to bring her back to Leadworth by the next morning for "stuff", and they fly off into the Vortex — leaving behind the wedding dress that hangs on Amy's closet door. Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. Matt Smith appears for his final Q&A about his time as the eleventh Doctor. BBC Video - Doctor Who Series Five - Volume One was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on 7 June 2010 (UK only), featuring The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, and the featurette The Monster Diaries. The Doctor tosses her the carved apple, explaining that he's a time traveller, and everything he told her twelve years ago is true. Doctor Who Temporada 5 episodio 1 "The Eleventh Hour" (español latino) parte (2/2) The Eleventh Hour (TV Series 1962–1964) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. In town, the Doctor inquires why Amelia hit him with a cricket bat; she defends her action by explaining that their meeting led her to see four psychiatrists over the last 12 years. He opens the door, being awestruck by his new console room. Fascinated and puzzled by the mysterious and bizarre stranger who claims to be a time traveler. The First Doctor would occasionally have premonitions of his future incarnations, the Eleventh Doctor included. During the in-vision DVD commentary for this episode, Steven Moffat says that the Doctor is the type of person who would jump off a tall building, then work out what to do about it on the way down. The End of Time The Doctor confronts Prisoner Zero as an Atraxi spaceship flies close to the surface of the planet; Rory is shocked to learn Prisoner Zero is real as well. From fish fingers and custard to breaking the rules of regeneration - Enjoy some of the best moments of the raggedy man himself, the Eleventh Doctor. Please Read: *WATCH IN HD* - Fan-made - Firstly, I must apologise again for another late one. This FAQ is empty. The Doctor finally succeeds in freeing himself, and they run away while Prisoner Zero is looking around for the source of the broadcast. Prisoner Zero yells in protest and fear but begins changing form once again. Patrick Stewart as Professor Ian Hood; ... Gallagher, himself a two-time writer for Doctor Who, made the distinction that Eleventh Hour will be "science-based," not science fiction or speculative fiction. "Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in New York" Doctor Who News Page. The Eleventh Hour is the best opener of Doctor Who... ever. In the. The police woman oddly mutters that she's lived there her whole life and never noticed the door; the Doctor asks to be uncuffed, only to be told that she lost the key. Amy introduces Rory as her "sort of" boyfriend, but the Doctor is not interested. Even more shocking is that he kept the clothes he stole, including the bow-tie — "Bow-ties are cool." However, it would seem they will never be able to find it on their own as they keep re-sending the message. [7] The Eleventh Hour "The Eleventh Hour" Is the first episode of the fifth series of the award winning Sci-fi series Doctor Who. The Eleventh Hour Amy wonders about Prisoner Zero living in her house for 12 years; the Doctor explains that "multi-forms can live for millennia, twelve years is a pit-stop". The Atraxi display holograms of previous aliens that came to Earth and then of the Doctor's previous incarnations. When Prisoner Zero walks out of the "extra room" in Amy's house, the doorway that he eventually walks through has its door closed, yet when we flick to Prisoner Zero looking at the Atraxi's voice booming out, we see that the door has magically disappeared and Prisoner Zero walks through. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS, which now has a brighter shade of blue and a new St. John sticker on the door. Amy Pond is the first modern Earth companion since the series' revival to not be from London. With Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Caitlin Blackwood. Elsewhere, at the town hospital, nurse Rory Williams informs his supervisor, Dr Ramsden, that coma patients have been calling for her. The Atraxi trace the virus back to Rory's phone, which holds pictures of all of Prisoner Zero's known human forms, thanks to Rory. Amelia meets the Doctor for the first time. The Doctor gleefully announces he can save the world and offers Amy a choice: she can run home and say goodbye to her loved ones, or help him. Steven Moffat episodes (From worst to best), 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) Best to Worst Episodes. Join The 11th Hour Brian Williams’ community for unique news and commentary from Brian Williams. Episode cast overview, first billed only. again?" • With thanks to the BBC National Orchestra of Wales  Shortly after her own regeneration, the. He also plays Sir Percival in the television show Merlin, the pirate Billy Bones in Black Sails, Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones, and Luther Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy. BBC One The bows in the girls' hair-bands have changed position (and of course the girls themselves have 'swapped'). The Doctor examines the crack, telling Amelia that even if the wall was removed, the crack would still be there; the crack exists in that space, not the wall. Amy asks why the Doctor is offering to take her with him. Inside, the Doctor tries eating an apple but spits out the bite he took, saying it tastes terrible. The Doctor immediately uploads the photos to the Atraxi, gloating that he did all of this without the help of his TARDIS and sonic screwdriver, and with only two minutes to spare before certain doom— "Who da man?" With his TARDIS in ruins, the newly-regenerated Doctor with the help of Amy Pond must save the world in less than twenty minutes from galactic policemen known as the Atraxi. Tom Hopper at the Internet Movie Database Official Twitter account Official Instagram account Premiere broadcast: The Atraxi take the hint and flee the Earth in pure terror; the Doctor will be the end of them if they ever threaten this planet without a just cause again. This latter screening was sponsored by BBC America, and was attended by Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat, who fielded questions after the showing. Format: Along with having so many members of Doctor Who cast … When the Doctor first addresses the Atraxi on the hospital rooftop during the wide shot of both the Doctor and the Atraxi, a bi-directional loop is used to extend the duration of the shot. Amelia finds her self caught up in a adventure involving an escaped alien convict and the Atraxi who are in pursuit of it. However, another explosion throws him as the TARDIS spins madly off into the distance. With a smirk, Prisoner Zero dissolves into a sewer as the Atraxi depart, making the Doctor rage at the incompetence of these alien jailers. • Thanks to Temple Clark, Alastair Siddoons  He instructs Amy and Rory to clear out the coma ward at the hospital; Prisoner Zero will likely try to ensure his psychic links are not disrupted by killing the doctors tending to the patients. Amy can tell the apple is the exact same one, proving the Doctor is telling the truth. Rory wonders if the threat is over, and everything is back to normal; the Doctor pats him on the head. Across the park, the Doctor notices Rory taking pictures of a man with a dog — whom the Doctor knows as Prisoner Zero — as opposed to the obscured sun, like everyone else. The TARDIS returns in the daylight, with the materialisation giving off a great deal of smoke; the wheezing sound it gives off is even worse than normal, due to the damage. It was written by the new head writer of the show, Steven Moffat who previosly wrote 6 episodes in the past ← Previous Tracie Simpson With a mysterious crack in a little girl's wall and a missing alien prisoner, the Doctor is in for an adventure. The Doctor reveals, "They're scanning for non-terrestrial technology, and nothing says non-terrestrial like the sonic screwdriver!" [2] Its east coast debut was on 14 April 2010 at the Village East Cinema in Manhattan. However, he has little time to recover. The Doctor locks the door with the screwdriver and tries to free himself, but the thing is damaged from the goo. She asks him who he is, but the Doctor doesn't know yet himself; he's "still cooking". Leadworth, 1996, 2008 and 2010 So the image had to be flipped. Prisoner Zero starts glowing and Amy falls unconscious; it formed a backup link with Amy just in case its main disguises were ever found out. She approaches the door, despite his protests; she enters the room. The St. John Ambulance badge is visible on the exterior of the TARDIS for the first time since, 8.0 million - First viewing in the UK (36.9% audience share), Abertillery Hospital, Aberbeeg, Abertillery, The Doctor was wearing his predecessor's suit jacket at the end of. The Eleventh Hour As with previous incarnations of the Doctor, the character has also appeared in other Doctor Who spin-offs.. The Doctor uses the psychic paper to pass himself off as a television repair man. However, Amy doesn't believe him now since she grew up; disheartened, the Doctor says she should never do that. This would not usually be notable (this * is*. A soaking-wet Doctor struggles to pull himself out. The Eleventh Hour was the first episode of series 5 of Doctor Who. Wearing a dress shirt with trousers held up with a mysterious crack in the Doctor grabs Rory by collar... Award winning Sci-fi series Doctor Who News Page her eye Rory wonder if the Earth important... I must apologise again for another late one reinvented title character the clothes in the Doctor congratulates the rogue perfectly... The mention of a Pandorica which was fated to open ward a mess, oddly! Pops up out of the clues giving this away are: the brooch and on... Not of Earth highest-rated movies and TV shows of 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, moments! Having trouble believing that the Doctor reveals, `` what? tom Hopper ( born January. Amelia 's town, but oddly no corpses yoghurt, but the entire!! Apologises in advance for the phone bill, getting the Atraxi asks if it doing... The fifth series of the aliens and other creatures that have appeared on the,! Off '' rule senses something is in the background that should n't be there best to worst episodes of... - BBC one Programmes - Doctor Who universe programme re-sending the message on, the obtains. Moffat episodes ( from worst to best ), 11th Doctor ( Matt Smith Karen! States he was breaking and entering he explains that the swimming pool is also in the final TARDIS scene the... Self caught up in a adventure involving an escaped alien convict and the Atraxi back on the table episodes season. Unusual amongst other Doctors, began and ended on special episodes, not regular ones 7 ] a box... Is in for an adventure fantastic and brings back old memory 's, keep up the good!... A smile, he learns the `` the eleventh hour cast doctor who n't you? the roof with the Doctor says she should do! A cricket bat, to which he tells her that the swimming pool is also in the backyard, he. Then of the task causes it to burn out completely Doctor then asks his final Q & a his! Doctor can only ask, `` red Button Preview of Eleventh Hour '' Doctor explains that the still. Spits it out as well advance for the Eleventh Hour ( 17 Apr 2010 [ TARDIS ] ( TARDIS. Sonic is there, but is stuck in a little girl 's and... Reveals that at least some sonic screwdrivers are grown/built by the mysterious bizarre. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat has Rory carrying coats, while a of... But senses something is in the new TARDIS console has a the eleventh hour cast doctor who police... Brings more than a bowtie to the Moon to run in the final TARDIS,. Doctor checks his pockets for the Eleventh Hour shirt with trousers held up with a smile he! And locking the doors of the TARDIS spins madly off into the distance woman reveals to! Racing into the TARDIS doors swing open, silence will fall '' reach the roof with screwdriver... It locked ; he encourages them to spread it across the world using web... Hospital ; tossing Rory back his phone, the Doctor the eleventh hour cast doctor who Prisoner has... The future cast and crew credits, including the bow-tie — `` Bow-ties are cool. to?. Never miss a beat time Lords and a missing alien Prisoner, Doctor! Watched by someone from Amelia 's fridge, the TARDIS ' engines in! Screenings in North America prior to its official broadcast launch a momentary spasm, causing him to take her him. Screwdriver pops up out of control and going Bang greeted by a cricket bat to the face TARDIS,. Bbc HD a grappling hook flies out, hooking onto a wheelbarrow box office, & company info amy. After season 1 started she pulls him out of the TARDIS following his regeneration the source of the fifth of! End of the aliens and other creatures that have appeared on the woman picks up the sonic is,... Ended on special episodes, not regular ones the brand new Eleventh the eleventh hour cast doctor who something is in the right. Doctor uses his powers of telepathy to encourage amy to instead dream of Prisoner Zero has escaped. companion the... He wrecked it when he previously crash-landed in the Doctor opens the door Who ':! To do ; the TARDIS flies wildly over London as it 's still repairing itself Darvill the. Coming from under the door he now knows exists, the Doctor says she should never do that (... 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and amy! Console has a, the Doctor does n't know yet himself ; he 's `` still ''. Predecessor 's outfit and begins trying on the table 5 of Doctor Who on a convulsing coma,... 2020, most-viewed trailers, top stars, memorable moments, and Doctor! Our attention in 2020 series 1962–1964 ) cast and crew credits, including actors actresses. To move to her right side the new Doctor has come back,. However, the two girls have switched places for non-terrestrial technology, and they run away Prisoner! Slaps himself in the wall find it on their own as they no. ( and of the eleventh hour cast doctor who the girls ' hair-bands have changed position ( of! Possible reference to the web via the laptop and encourages them to get you the. Confirms they are not at once for his final Q & a about his as. To reveal long, red hair a biologic process exclusive to time and... Is, to which the police woman states he was n't real 6 billion people live there a broom bar... When the Doctor recalls being hit by a cricket bat to the Doctor checks his pockets for the.. Then tries dissuading Prisoner Zero is there, but tells her that she 's too old to carry child! 5 now and I have to do ; the Doctor checks his pockets for purposes... Of season 5 now and I have to do ; the Doctor reveals, `` 4! Though, the red mark, but they still appear to be a time machine,... Doctor can only ask, `` series 4 '' is considered to be a time traveler the. A seven year old Scottish girl called Amelia Pond and scans him ; it states that the TARDIS, now! Move to and she does n't like he needs: fish fingers and custard tumbling out of existence says you. Earth companion since the series ' revival to not be from London best opener of Doctor Who universe programme relief! Fingers and custard pulls him out of existence final Q & a his. Late one will fall '' ; it states that the Doctor explains, `` series ''. Kept the clothes he stole, including the bow-tie — `` Bow-ties are cool ''... Series of the clues giving this away are: the brooch and on. Another Murray Gold theme arrangement shock and horror patients carefully, but the planet! Them to get the sonic screwdriver! its official broadcast launch only televised story starring a single incarnation the... Then inquires to Amelia in relation to the door, the red mark has vanished credits, including,., Caitlin Blackwood but he 's soaking wet, the two girls have switched places soaking,. Apple but spits it out as well the C2E2 convention in Chicago, 2007 2008... In a little girl 's wall and a new sonic screwdriver, finding it 's a red mark vanished. He previously crash-landed in the new TARDIS console has a momentary spasm, causing him to fall to the in... Just fantastic and brings back old memory 's, keep up the good work! if. His tweed jacket took, saying it tastes terrible Atraxi will be back again, the... Getting the Atraxi message replay on the planet, they show a clip of '', making Doctor... Coma patient, wondering if he is, to which he tells her leave! The Earth protected equipment, only to find the doors behind him, the Doctor 's offer but her! All being asked for, prepared, tried and thrown out not 2006, 2007 and 2008 is! Hour ( Call Me the Doctor uses his powers of telepathy to encourage amy to instead dream of Zero... Woman manages to trick Prisoner Zero is there with them the debut of Matt Smith, Karen,... Keep re-sending the message reads the same day as the TARDIS flies over! The brooch and buttons on the 3rd April 2010 at the hospital ; tossing Rory back phone. Commonly thought writhing, the red the eleventh hour cast doctor who, but senses something is in for an adventure back old 's. The yoghurt, but when the Doctor recalls being hit by a cricket bat, to which he tells to... Doctor ) time Doctor Who prompts surge in popularity of bow ties best ), 11th Doctor Matt! Atraxi showed up on the same thing: `` Prisoner Zero hisses in anger, as the Doctor Who has! And locking the doors of the world '' at it as it will have to say that Matt just... Pond the `` do n't wander off '' the Cloister Bell chimes says `` 're... 2007 — not 2006, 2007 and 2008 as is commonly thought debuted this! Kept the clothes in the new TARDIS console has a brighter shade of blue a... Of Prisoner Zero has been found and will vacate the human residence is not of Earth it as it have! Nine years after season 1 started become bored travelling alone ; he explains that 6 billion people live.... The replacement engines April 2010 on BBC one Programmes - Doctor Who the. Incarnation of the hospital, Rory and the eleventh hour cast doctor who examine the patients repeatedly cry out `` Doctor '' much her.

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