All we're sure of is that they are in fact blood siblings (as confirmed by Monty). Double In-Law Marriage: The story ships Blake/Ruby and Weiss/Yang, with Ruby and Yang being biological sisters while Blake and Weiss are adopted sisters. Yang and Ruby had a way of making themselves known around the school, and everyone knew why. Does Ruby know that Yang is her half sister? 3 level again. Character Ruby Rose (RWBY) Character Yang Xiao Long (RWBY) Location Remnant (RWBY) One of 10 artworks used for a video, RWBY: REMNANTS - The Law For … The Shining Beacon Pt. Both girls were Futanaris (Futas), each having a cock as thick as a soda can, and as long as a forearm. Thanks Yang!! I know this is your first time asking it, but I'm already fuckin' fed up with it! Yang Oh, I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with me! Yang seems like the kind of person who would change her name just because she felt like it. Found this song fitting for the best sisters. Ruby uses her speed semblance to ram herself into Corrin, sending the two flying away from their sisters. Mar 11, 2018 - If Qrow is Ravens sister and Yang is Ravens daughter they are related.. . Yang's relationship with her half sister Ruby is just so sweet and caring you can't not love it! Idk « » Log in or sign up. There's no official answer to this question yet. Ruby and Yang are not blood-related sisters, But they are infact half sisters. Same parents but one took the last name of the mother and the other the father. Summer is the second wife of Taiyang and is also Ruby's deceased mother. i was thinking some thing along that lines to, This is my theory from 4 months ago and im sticking with it., My guess is they are half sisters and/or one of them is a Bastard, My personal crackpot theory is this: Ruby and Yang are not blood related, but adoptive sisters. Not wanting to derail Qrow's promising career as a Huntsman, Summer chose to raise their daughter alone and Qrow became Ruby's "uncle.". Qrow is the brother of Raven and the uncle Yang and Ruby. The most popular theories are: Half-siblings, same dad - different mothers. Yes he is rude and all, But deep down I honestly think he's a loving uncle XD. He would remain her uncle, but he would later teach her the family's ancient scythe style. So that’s Word of God, canon. Say they were seperated, one parent taking one, the other taking the other. Ruby is the result. Well, look at it like this. The scene changes again as Yang Xiao Long tackles her sister in a hug aboard the large airship to Beacon, crushing the air out of her. A commission I got from an artist whom I'm not sure wishes to be named. Yang: Yikes, meltdown already? Not cousins. 3 level while Yang tries to become her Vol. ! Yang revealed this on Chapter 6 of Volume 2 (Burning the Candle), Where Yang was talking to Blake alone. Yang liked to tell Ruby stories about Summer, but Yang also liked to embellish her stories, which didn’t go over well when Ruby learned the truth. Pre-Convergence Edit. Let me give you a little quote from a certain someone: "B...But if you're twins, why is your family name different...? He made an appearance on Chapter 3 of Volume 3 (Its Brawl in the Family). Yes. Yang absolutely loves her little sister. That is one of the main questions going on in everyone's heads while we wait for Volume 2. She is also the first wife of Taiyang and the mother of Yang. Language: English Words: 1,173 Chapters: 1/1 ... Ruby Rose & Yang Xiao Long (217) Blake Belladonna/Yang Xiao Long (54) Ruby Rose & Weiss Schnee (33) Qrow Branwen & Ruby Rose (27) they're blood related... A fun place to Interact, Roleplay, and Create with fellow RWBY Fans. Yang growls and her eyes turn red. But according to Qrow, she is a dangerous person and has a worldview that he disagrees with. Ruby edges her sister out with her Semblance, speed, and reach advantages. RWBY Volume 8 Yang vs Ruby and the Struggle of Sisters | The Tooncasters Episode 2 On this episode of The Tooncasters Kat, Tat and Matt talk all about RWBY, Yang vs Ruby, and give RWBY Volume 8 fan theories! Yang pulls Ruby over, she hugs her tightly, squeezes her face with her breasts and begins playing footsie on her little sister's feet!! All Ages of Geek 125K subscribers your own Pins on Pinterest My theory is Ruby and Yang are half sisters, and that Summer's original name was Summer Xiao Long. Most of the things written in here are inaccurate :neutral_face: "not blood related" They're half sisters sharing the same dad. She loves yanking on her panties almost as much. Ruby and Yang are both depicted over 18, of course. Ruby is the daughter of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long and is close friends with older half-sister Yang Xiao Long, with whom she was raised on the island of Patch. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Canon Edit. Oh Q. Montey said neither is adopted so step siblings maybe? Palutena goes into Yang hard, making her see that she's not as good as she says she is. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Rwby Anime. Qrow teaches Ruby how to fight with a scythe, and here we are now. Miltia is a similar age to her sister and with similar eyes and hair, but wears a red dress, gloves, and boots. *yells from the bushes* Yang: *heads down the hill to find her* what are you doing he- *sees Ruby and a young boy, the boy is crying* Yang: What happened? 1 mother 2 different fathers. Raven is the sister of Qrow Branwen (aka the uncle of Ruby and Yang). Yang turned slightly, making sure to keep Ruby balanced against her shoulder as she gently stroked her little sister's silky black hair, running her fingers through the soft, cool strands eliciting a hum of pleasure from Ruby's throat from having her hair played with. My guess is that Ruby took her mother's maiden name to honor her memory. Both have the same dad, which is Tai Xiao Long. You will be prosecuted to the full extent of the jam. Every night before bed, Yang would read her sister stories of great heroes in childhood fairy tales, which would inspire Ruby to become a Huntress. It's the kind of thing you see all over, so try to think of a reason on your own! The blonde then unleashed several punches onto her opponent, each hitting their mark. Bounding from the end of the top bunks the two sisters met in the middle of the room in the space between the front door and beds. Ruby: Hey, that explosion was an accident.. 107. I think it would be an interesting character defining choice. ", "That question again? Often leaving Ruby in the care of their neighbors, the Xiao Longs. Together, they form team RWBY ("ruby"). With different relationships and different relatives, It is also filled with mysteries that are waiting to be answered. Ruby: Hehehehe!! Yang hugs Ruby tighter, and kisses her on the cheeks 12 times! It represents how, well, sisters fight, but also that these two characters are on the path to their own character development. Ruby: Look, I'm sorry Vomit-boy was the first thing that came to mind. Just a little detail I think is continually overlooked with all these theories out there. Blake asks. My simple theory is she changed it herself. The fight between Ruby and Yang represents many things. Ruby and Gon have encountered antagonists who developed personal vendettas against them. 3 years ago. "Yang!" It has yet to be explained, but I have a feeling it has something to do with the Red Like Roses Part II song, and the cliff side alter/Summer Rose (person in the White cloak in the intro). Having black hair and green eyes, she wears a white dress with a cyan tint in some places and white shoes with blades attached at the heels. She is the half-sister of the main character, Ruby Rose. RTX Australia 2016 - RWBY Panel - Ruby and Yang Q&A - Duration: 49:51. That's my guess. Happily Adopted: Blake's parents were murdered when she was a young child. *looks around* Ruby: Down here! Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Yang has said that, whilst Ruby was "really torn up" by her mother's disappearance, she thinks her younger sister was too young to really understa… The Family Tree of Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long🌳 | RWBY Amino :warning: WARNING THIS BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS :warning: This family has a very weird family tree. Ruby where are you? "Nora!" It's kind of vague. Ruby passed Yang's Vol. (I know Monty has stated Ruby and Yang and blood related, but there is an old LFTO saying that covers such things and I shall adapt it for RWBY. Ruby Really Sis, it was nothing. The need to provide for her daughter superseded Summer's desire to be with her, and so Summer was forced to continue her career as a Huntress. He was in a relationship with Raven and Summer. *moves over to see what’s up* "Monty(Burnie) lies."). Ruby didn’t beg her father for stories, but instead, her big sister Yang, according to her backstory in DC Comics’ RWBY. Summer and Qrow met at a young age and when their lives began to separate they met for one last night. Yang reffers Summer as "Super Mom, Slayer of Monsters and Baker of Cookies". Are Ruby and Yang sisters? Ruby threw the first hit whacking the pillow against Yang's side as Yang brought her own pillow down over her head and onto Ruby's. Mar 11, 2018 - If Qrow is Ravens sister and Yang is Ravens daughter they are related. She seems to be a free spirit, wouldn't put it past her to think of a new name and stick to it. The series focuses on four girls that enrolled in Beacon Academy in the kingdom of Vale: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna (of the half-human, half-animal Faunus race), and Ruby's half-sister Yang Xiao Long. Ruby proceeds to follow up, and kisses Yang on the cheek!! ", Yang replies, "Yes, Junior, I've got several.". It was confirmed by Monty that they are blood-sisters. Taiyang Xiao Long is the dad of both Yang and Ruby. They have Ruby, and somehow both parents die for the children to be left to Qrow. 7 Tai always loved you but you reminded him of Raven because of the way you would behave, so he wouldn't give you as much attention as the other girls but he would from time to time. This is the best day ever! Yang (releasing her sister) But I'm so proud of you! Ruby and Yang have a fight, and the end result is Ruby being a blubbering mess and begging her sister to help her. Discover (and save!) Where during the talk, a flashback is seen where K. Rool claims that even if he and others are bad guys, bad guys also have feelings. I get asked that a lot! Monty has confirmed that Ruby and Yang are Half-sisters with the common parent being their father. I'm sure there is already something to explain this that I missed, like being step sisters or something, but if not, I'd like to hear some theories! Yang always took Ruby and Ruby never argued because she admired her big sister so much! Yang's father dies and Summer remarrys with someone with the last name Rose. Flames circle her. Saved by Tsersing Arron. During the time of Summer Rose's dissapearance (will be explaining this later), Yang said he "shut down", Meaning to say that he was in a mental breakdown. Ruby: You mean since you ditched me and I exploded? Ruby’s connection to Qrow “Ruby looks like … Ruby's mom is Summer Rose while Yang's mom is Raven Branwen. "Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something crazy happens again?!" Why should I answer the same question over and over?!! Then Ruby's mom died, so she ends up going back to live with her dad. The two sisters go to hug, but get intercepted by a certain ginger girl. Jaune: Oh yeah, what it I called you Crater-face? My theory is Ruby and Yang are half sisters, and that Summer's original name was Summer Xiao Long. Yang Yang: *is catching up to Ruby when see see her sister backpack on the ground* uh, what? (edited by A Fandom user) 0. A stem from this theory is that after Summer Rose (the name on the gravestone) died, Ruby took her last name as a form of memento whilst Yang kept the Xiao Long name of their dad. One day, She went on a mission but never came back. Except Ruby and Yang have both talked about "dad" in the present tense. She is a very mysterious person, who only made an appearance on Chapter 11 of Volume 2 (No Brakes). Greysentinel365. No. She also wears feathers above her ear. Camilla swings her ax forward, only for Yang to dodge the attack. They’re half-sisters. Ruby: No, I literally exploded a hole in … I imagine it'll come up some time in the future. She is a Huntress in Training working as a part of Team RWBY alongside her allies. It will likely be answered in Volume 2. Qrow is a rude, blunt, cynical, sometimes crass, and foul mouthed, yet cool-headed and nonchalant individual -Wikia. Her gravestone is an altar located in Cliffside Forest, Might be revealing that she died, But some people say that she is still alive. Melanie is a girl in her teenage years. Namely that vampires exist and that Blake was raised as Weiss' sister. "Did she just run all the way here with a Death Stalker on her tail?" Summer went missing when Ruby was very young. Yang doesn't explain what she was doing in her trailer. Qrow teaches Ruby how to fight with a scythe, and here we are now. ! In the Yellow trailer, Junior asks "You got a name, sweetheart? Believing them to be a better option for his daughter, Qrow did not contest the adoption and signed away his parental rights. That's all I'm gonna say!". Yang is determined to make sure that her sister has a good time at the dance. Summer was an attentive mother to both Ruby and Yang, and she was also a strong huntress who would go on missions. They have Ruby, and somehow both parents die for the children to be left to Qrow. Yang: You are too damn adorable Ruby!! yang is a good big sister; Family; Family Fluff; Summary. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. He is a loving and caring dad, But a bit overprotective when it comes to his daughters. Monty answered this question directly – Ruby and Yang are half-sisters. Ruby probably doesn't remember when they were almost killed by Grimm or why: she was a toddler asleep in the wagon. She also wears a flower hairpin, a white scarf, white gloves, "wings", a sliver belt, and makeup. 2. That's actually a good point! Nov 9, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Bandit Gamer77. 870. Maybe she doesn't like him because of the troubles her mom and dad had together, and decides to keep her moms name rather than changing back to her dads name. I'll explain about them later. They also both had a very nice pair of breasts, bigger than most other girls at the school. Yang is one of the protagonists of RWBY. "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!" They said he was a big Michael Jackson fan, making a joke out of it and not answering the question directly). Yang's father dies and Summer remarrys with someone with the last name Rose. 2 [Volume 1, Episode 3] Yang: So, how's your first day going, little sister? As it is now we really don't know. Ruby (gasping) Please stop. "Ruby!" After Ruby's silver eyes left… Practically raised together, Ruby and Yang were sisters in all but name, and when Summer was killed in the line of duty, the Xiao Longs were more than willing to remedy that fact and officially adopted Ruby.

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