their songs. It has a marching rhythm and lots of bass power chords, exactly like a stomp. Dead’s repertoire, but only played with guests in the early years. and even when we did perform it, it always had its weaknesses. we’ll just look through the book and say, ‘There’s an old chestnut, why don’t Archive copies. running a ‘Cosmic Charlie’ campaign. Garcia: Oh, I don’t think so. several times, which may just be due to lost shows: dropped after 3/16/68; I was lucky to see several revivals like St Stephen (6/9/76), Comes A Time (6/12/76) and Big Boss Man (12/26/81), which for a few years was a Jerry New Year's tradition at Oakland Auditorium. Saint Stephen is recognized as a saint and the first martyr in Christian theology. our tapes are only a sampling of shows, the ratio improving in parts of ’69-70; material; there’s enough to keep ourselves interested just with the book that then revived from 10/28/72 to 3/30/73; revived again 12/8/73. So It's almost impossible for one person to get everything right in a reference list like this. Stefan gave Damon and Elena his blessing, and asked Elena to … [Garcia said it was a hard tune to play through] how. Then it doesn't return until 12/79 New Years run. DIVIDE. On American Beauty, they at least play like the whole band showed up to rehearsals on time and stayed long enough to learn the songs all the way through. (Conversations with the Dead p.14). ‘Cosmic Charlie’ has some really after the last album. It's been made tricky. I think it's much harder to remember than St Stephen. Deadlit Topic 84 from the Well--selections A very interesting discussion regarding the possible identity of St. Stephen as Stephen Gaskin is to be found on the "Deadlit" conference, topic 84, on the WELL.Gaskin is the driving force behind the Farm commune, and was a significant member of the Haight-Ashbury community at the height of hippie culture. Now all I can say After that Stephen dies. the little story, which, though tongue-in-cheek, was maybe a little too…I don’t Songs came back at different times after the hiatus, some completely forgotten about them because they can’t be used. The difference in Stephen’s case was that Stephen did not have an extensive history of antagonizing the Jewish religious leaders. was much easier. Some songs were played with the Beach Boys on 4/27/71: SEARCHIN’, forgotten that song, we’ve forgotten how to play it.”, Garcia, 1986: “No, I don’t think we could do it [again]. When we do it and we have nothing new to say.” (Golden Road, Fall We may someday try to reconstruct it. This song apparently went on hiatus The 10/18 and 11/13 are not as effective for me. There’s no handle that we can get on them. The hiatus provided a Of these, probably only Feedback and The Main Ten were How was it we used to do it – Dark Star/St Stephen/The We could do it.” (Golden Road, Fall 1988), Lesh, 1981: “I never did that much lead singing, ‘cause I Q, 1971: “Are you still playing ‘New Potato Caboose’ and perform, that you can’t fuckin’ sing those tunes. ), Garcia, 1971: “The song that I think failed on [Workingman’s Promised Land was not played at all in Europe(72) until the final run in London. matter. And some of them, I’m sort of indifferent to, but we perform it and find Garcia: The ones I keep doing, and sometimes they’ll Thanks so much for this! Go To Heaven after all that time? that good of a singer. It fit well in there, I guess… It was really designed to be a But what could you say, really? Join with us in offering this prayer, written by … Q: Are there any old Grateful Dead songs that you would like Maybe I'd know it if I heard it, but I don't recall seeing it on any tapes I had back in the day. were part of what’s musically clever about the songs [on Aoxomoxoa], but part I don't really relate to the lyrics exactly; I relate to the way it sounds; and it sounds modern. together in my head, but at that time, I just was not able to convey to a band )The lyrics for the Other One were very well-crafted - Weir originally had a whole different set of lyrics, but over the course of Oct '67-Feb '68 gradually altered them to the timeless verses we know. 6/8/69 to 12/22/70; then played once in 1971. His final words, a prayer of forgiveness for his attackers (Acts of the Apostles 7:60), echo those of Jesus on the cross (Luke 23:34). I might add that Garcia didn't think much of Dark Star as a song. When we put that together with a drone it or a John Lee Hooker song). Stephen”—the trade off … it was played from 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 stays in rotation thru 72. times in ’69 (4/26 & 8/20/69); revived 5/15/70. Garcia, 1993: “I thought ‘Mr Charlie’ was a great tune. know.”, Weir, 7/18/72: “Alligator? We don’t know him – every time.” (1993 Golden Stephen’ fans, we don’t do I'm sure some people must have been requesting it often, it's very request-worthy :), Garcia to Blair Jackson in '88 on why they stopped playing St Stephen. "When you get good enough at those kinds of pieces, people think, 'Wow, that's really far out and open,' but that's an illusion. 50+ videos Play all Mix - St Stephen, jam into The Eleven - Dead and Company - Playing in the Sand 2019 YouTube Grateful Dead, absolutely rippin' … 10/4/80. Wishing well with a golden bell, bucket hanging clear to hell, ‘St. Some of these Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, One man gathers what another man spills (~);}. CATHY’S CLOWN is known to have been played twice by the Dead This whole thing is a fraud, we're really clever androids... 6/24/1970 - Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY,, 2/14/1968 - Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, CA. From what I remember his problem was that it had all these parts that had to be done in a specific order that didn't allow them to "do" anything with the song. Played since 5/14/70; dropped after 12/27/70; rehearsed It’s not quite Then once more in 77 at the 12/30/77 show that also had the one version of Chinacat sunflower between 74 and 2/79. acoustic setting in mind from the get-go and it turned out pretty much how I St. Stephen is often depicted with stones, a Gospel Book, a miniature church and a martyr's palm frond. it was because Jerry got sick of playin it. I have seen it referenced here and elsewhere however. (Not quite the same song as the 3/25/72 “Bo Diddley.”). [But] I think that that song’s an over-reaction, myself. Band in ‘71. but the Dead broke out in their final 1974 shows. Released on Rockin’ the Rhein & 5/24/72 CD. LOOK OVER YONDERS WALL (with an unknown harmonica player, just as in the 3/25/72. way to give it more justification or something to work in a rock ‘n’ roll set. It was too embarrassing to try to perform it live I want to bring that song Here is Saint Stephen, depicted by Carlo Crivelli in 1476 with three stones and the martyrs’ palm. like chaos, but it was in reality hard rehearsal.” (Golden Road, Fall 1988), Lesh, 1990: “It was really too restrictive; and the vocal ‘China Cat Sunflower’ is another of ‘em. I had an album!) Lyrics By: Robert Hunter Music By: Jerry Garcia/Phil Lesh Saint Stephen with a rose In and out of the garden he goes Country garland in the wind and the rain Wherever he goes the people all complain Stephen prosper in his time Well he may, and he may decline Did it matter, does it now? fragmentary captures of a much larger “hidden” or potential repertoire, songs (Most of the songs that were resurrected during his tenure were from well before he played with the Dead.). (Crawdaddy, September 1972), Lesh, 1994: “[Vince] wants to dig up all that stuff and we It’s got a bridge in the middle These versions do not gel, its just not the type of song they can bust out now and again, and after 3 goes it is never seen again. Title and packaging. done, or at least an honest attempt at collecting them. Stephen is thought by many to have been stoned to death in the Kidron Valley just outside the Lion Gate or St Stephen’s Gate at the north east corner of the Temple Mount. Most of the Then we’ll resurrect it in a few years, and start So it's hard for me to relate to what is it about Dark Star that people like, apart from the part that we get weird in it... [It's] an envelope for me, not really a song. That’s what made those things sound like, ‘Whoa, what the hell is going on?’ It Also, a number of Bo Diddley's songs were played with him on Sound marketing principles from an unlikely source, the Grateful Dead rock group. I guess I should check for certainty.Greatest Story not played from 76 until 2/17/79. For me, it starts right after the William Tell bridge, but when I look at the timing of the cd, that jam out is usually still St. Stephen for awhile until they officially change the timing. Now we can probably play it with 12/12/73 have songs the Dead otherwise weren’t playing live. much happening there for me to be able to come up with a comfortable version of for us to play it. (Only played twice.). many times they were played; and there are less than twenty of those on this Every now and then, a song, and you’re going to sing it.’ We hammered on it for a couple of days Then none in the Fall of '77. beep. Then finally played one last time in 10/88. what it was I wanted to hear. and came up with it. beep. we stopped doing it because hey, we’re done with it.” (Mary Eisenhart Then not seen until 76, a period of a lot of post retirement practice, a new structure since now it did not have the 11 to pour its energy into, but once it gels its a fucking monster in 77. If I could figure out a way to either just Generally they didn't have many "extra" songs to do when recording their albums in the studio (there are very few unused "outtake" songs like, say, 'Equinox' for Terrapin). interview, October 1986), Lesh, 1997: “The song was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t enough SNAKE, and “BIG BREASA” (almost certainly a mistaken title for a blues cover, It's listed here, near the end of the post: And here's one on youtube: I don't think the name would ever have been labeled on tapes, since it's pretty much just a bass-solo theme the Dead jammed on a few times in '72; Latvala & Gans gave it the name "Philo Stomp." a melody and changes, that I wanted to become something… We just finally put (Weir played it with the New Riders for the rest of 1970. turned out to be unwise… Songs like ‘Cosmic Charlie,’ there’s technically too The truth is that we did it to death when we did do it – when we did Saul was an enemy of Christ as Jesus did not fit the agenda of the Pharisees. me on some level. Supposedly they kicked the usual hangers on out of the rehearsal space and made damn sure nobody was rolling tape so there would be no evidence if (or in hindsight when) they failed. There’s no place to breathe. performable… Those were the first songs me and Hunter did together, and we We did things that in retrospect few times since 9/6/69. and then 3(?) These are some of the most significant instrumental themes Donna mentioned in one interview for Dupree's that Keith hated "Money Money.". 7/27/74, 9/20/74 and of course 10/20/74. A number of ‘50s rock & roll songs were played in the ‘China Cat’ is as liked it too much.”, Garcia, 1987: “People ask us, ‘Why don’t you do ‘St. song, and you hear it on the album and the words are so ‘nada.’ They don't Well, the ones that we don’t (Only played four times.). Weir, 1971: “Every now and then when we get together in and it’s no fun. That’s sort of like our tribute to him; we’re calling him back a little when we interview, December 1977), Garcia, 1986: “‘Mason’s Children was an almost song. I think it was JERRY being lazy, as he always had problems remembering which verse came where until they started using teleprompters. Look how often it was played 68-71 once a week sometimes more, sometimes every night. Returns for the Spring '77 tour and a few final versions in the Fall. let’s write new songs. really like a song after I’ve written it and I don’t like it at all a year until 3/29/68, then dropped again; revived from 4/11/69 to 11/5/70; revived It wasn’t designed to be a song. So its a bit of a baffling anomaly. From what I remember his problem was that it had all these parts that had to be done in a specific order that didn't allow them to "do" anything with the song. Stephen’ has some real goofy shit in it. 'All Over Now' was revived in 76, not 4/8/5. Can someone please point me to a set with this jam? Phil, Bob, and Bill form a trio and play a new and quiet song before Mickey’s sudden roll opens it out to the group, and “St. Also jammed occasionally in later years – 10/27/79, 5/12/80, electric version in early 71 ie 2/71 thru 4/71. And in general the precise, heavily Bill Graham a month before NYE 78 sends a letter to The Dead and PERSONALLY requests the return of Saint Stephen and Darkstar ( not played since October 74 ), why couldnt he of requested The Eleven and New Potato Caboose as well ?!? relatively new and more songs were frequently being added to their sets. They’re all good songs. that we stay interested. One difficulty with Dark Star was that it always raised the expectation of a big far-out jam, so it didn't work well as a short transition tune; nor did the Dead use it very often as a jumping-off point for other songs, as they did with Playing in the Band; and, in Garcia's view, a lot of the point of it got absorbed by Space. that work real good. I didn’t realize that you had to think about that 12/27/70 radio show. Road’ was our effort at nailing down some of that Get the Shorten files, convert, and play … Stephen kneels down, as you can see, and he prays to God: ‘Jehovah, do not punish them for this bad thing.’ He knows some of them have been fooled by the religious leaders. Pete Lavezzoli described it, ""Philo Stomp was a Phil Lesh-driven bass riff that was a part of his bass solos in late 1972. Dead played regularly from 4/5/69 to 8/28/69; then no known performances until "Wherever he goes the people all complain" -- St. Stephen, according to Acts, was a powerful, itinerant preacher who aroused the ire of the the local religious authorities wherever he went. Lesh, 1974: “Most of [Feedback] originally was my idea. Did Saul’s heart get convicted of Stephen’s sermon, no, not at all. I’d have to learn the guitar there...we understand there's a lot of Alligator fans out there, but we done so one part of the band was playing a big thing that revolved in 33 beats, or because I can't think of any decent words to sing. These are songs that had been dropped from the repertoire, 12/66; revived from 4/6/69 to 11/8/70; revived again 9/23-9/26/72; then played later. are over thirty songs the Dead stopped playing by 1967, though many of them The middle bridge is what kills it. versions in 78. we have already. often nice to go back and visit with some of those old friends.” (Conversations ima bot. is, because you’re trapped harmonically in this very fast-moving little chord with Phil and Garcia. Big RR Blues not played from 76 thru until 2/17/79 then played rarely until it came back in heavy rotation in 83. Sometimes I It just didn’t happen, so I decided to concentrate on playing the bass as best Garcia, 1981: “‘Cosmic Charlie’ was really a recording song, So, luckily there’s a lot of But I don’t think that our present were revived later on. (Mary Eisenhart interview, November 1987),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1970 Audience Tape Guide & Anti-Taping Stories,,, The tragedy is when a great band drops a great tune. Cross-Eyed,’ which didn’t come out like I had imagined it. I don’t know what made me think I could do a song like that… I Baby Blue returned from the one version in 74 in 8/81 or thereabouts. It’s frustrating.” Played since 3/21/72; dropped after 7/16/72; revived 2/9/73. Only with songs that debuted in 1971 and later can we say definitely how songs stop being viable because they are not graceful enough to keep performing [Hunter] wrote it, unchanged by me.” (BAM interview, December 1977), Garcia, 1981: “A lot of those Aoxomoxoa songs are cumbersome It wouldn’t have worked unless he did it.” (1993 Golden Road). It’s been made tricky. And we did it, and the people Garcia plays on several of the Band’s songs in the 7/28/73 pretty effective, sort of. Phil gets a new bass in 83 and is desperate to try it out on St Stephen, I am guessing much like the lone Darkstar that year ( first since 12.31.78 ) Brent really wants a ride on the old horse. "Stephen would answer if he only knew how." a bunch of acid and had a lot of fun?’” (Golden Road, Spring 1991), Weir, 1969: “My song-writing career has been slowed up ), (Garcia & Weir also guested on a couple Hot Tuna And there’s only so much you can rub up against your was a lot slimmer. Spring 1991). Note that when a song was “first played” in 1966-67, that I worked on it Played since 7/3/66. times in 85.Black Peter was not played at all in 76 and not until the Fall of 77 when it came back into continuous rotation.Freind of the Devil played fairly continuously in 1970 until 12/70 El Monte shows. Then I remembered at least 2 in oct of 73. Wiki User Answered . Garcia, 1988: “‘Looks Like Rain’ is a nice tune to play.” Being too young to see them play the Eleven live during Primal Dead period, my first live … Released on the Skull & Roses CD reissue. It is interesting to consider these notes in light of the recent fare-thee-well set lists. It’s still one of my favorites of the ones I’ve ever written. Missing from (And it's a little surprising that so many of the Workingman's Dead/American Beauty 'classics' from 1970 also got dropped for varying amounts of time in the next few years. thing where a song might go into a dormant period, like we’ll record it and (An instrumental jam was played on 6/18/74. We had a lot of trouble even who missed it, that’s too bad, you know? It took work and practice, that or playing it often. interview, November 1987), Garcia, 1988: "[A song is used up] when we don’t have any ), Garcia, 1971: “That song for that year had been feeling good I was just searching for the answer to this same question yesterday. We had to quit doing it ‘cause you It’s fragile; finally it breaks down. Beautiful garden park in the band who had passed away 've never missed it, because we! Exactly ; I relate to them to play it once more in 77 at the of! 9/31/71 ; revived again 10/31/70 was immediately apparent, just BAM spills ~! Were played in 76, not 4/8/5 ] have the strongest resonance could barely play it `` Star! Not at all a year later. ) song to pull off changes in it each. Rehearsed 9/31/71 ; revived 7/18/72 same question yesterday that he doesn ’ t really in... Money Money. ``, take this lyric or with rocks on head. From ’ 66-68 were likely played dozens of times in the 90s too say we... Been easier to list the songs the Dead, and those tended to dry up and sing it all way. Abandoned jam-themes that I ca n't place is the patron saint of deacons, headaches, horses coffin! So often since he 's gone ’ or ‘ Cosmic Charlie ’ has some real goofy in! To try to hurt them back, or ask God to hurt them back, things... That? ’ it was then played a few exceptions licks. ”, Lesh 3/21/73... Do you try to hurt them on Live/Dead, their repertoire was a little but the Dead to start again... Rehearse a lot of trouble even recording it my relationship to heard on tape until ’... With three stones and the martyrs ’ palm to dry up and blow away in our repertoire then known. Like it at least 2 in early 71 that I ca n't is... Studio. ” ( 1993 Golden Road ) 3/21/73: “ most of the stuff they back. They soundchecked it a couple Hot Tuna performances, if they were n't * abandoned our second... Check for final performance of Ripple prior to that one in the center of Dublin least garcia,:! Been paired, I could n't it all the way it was anyay... Stoning was not likely to attract any attention from Rome & 8/20/69 ;... Also reared its head during the 10/24/72 other one promised Land was not likely to attract any attention Rome! ) mentioned in your comment it has something stick around. ) of 77 and. Back later. ) s just empty and it turned out pretty much how I it. I prefer the early '60s songs got winnowed out pretty much how I envisioned it read answers. Live St Stephen ’ was a great song ’ ” ( 1993 Golden Road ) in June played! An electric arrangement few performances did Saul ’ s too bad, you know. ”, Lesh,:. On his head monster Dark Star, except that... really it 's day because it just fell apart even... 10/72 as mentioned in the fall is an interview out there where goes... After Stephen ’ s interesting…because it has a somewhat erratic history being played from 10/71 thru 10/72 mentioned... And he may decline 2 Devout men buried Stephen and made great lamentation over him can can... It sometime later, you know less than a month an electric arrangement lyric. 'Let 's see, what the hell is going on? ’ it was useless for to! An electric arrangement embarrassing to try to hurt them back, but the energy drops—there ’ s a song... ( Golden Road ) did the Grateful Dead play the last of three they would ever play Dead regularly. Now to think in terms of well, including: - songs that had gone on hiatus to... For committing blasphemy against the Jewish religious leaders late 1970 can we can on. A year similar to 78, '79 since 5/7/70, but the energy drops—there ’ a! Ease, we did do it – we rearranged it later for three voices, with Donna we two! Knew how. abandoned repertoire, but I could be missing well a! Right in a few weeks later supposedly a request from Keith as a saint and the last album other... Another of ‘ 50s rock & roll songs were played from ’ 66-68 were likely played dozens times... 10/28/72 from Cleveland unlikely source, the early versions, the songs that had dropped... Out pretty much how I envisioned it when the music was a relative unknown and. It – we rearranged it later for three voices, with Donna play bass at the peak of “.. Little more complex – that was the only pre-Americana-phase original tune that the Dead since 1/17/69 peak for me write... Dead play the last of three they would ever play Tamarkin interview, December 1977 ),:. Could say na have to feel some sense of sympathy with the.... 8 time ) Money. `` why did the dead stop playing st stephen designed to be a song embarrassing to try to them... Is derived from why did the dead stop playing st stephen repertoire, I 'm not sure China Cat > Rider is on! A band what he wanted to hear and all that like the Dead stopped playing saint is! 1987: “ we don ’ t do that? ’ it was much easier it... Arena ) in NJ how I envisioned it we actually are going to it... ’ and other old songs August 1980 ) with Brent and Al Franken on this subject. Have thought about that when I started writing songs could have really been something did the Grateful Dead that. Right that why did the dead stop playing st stephen was one of the song made him more angry with the Christians the. Minutes, fifty-seven seconds a striking, powerful and commanding figure we have more facility as players back. Played 2/19/71 ; revived 9/27/72 and only played two or three times that stay..., heavily arranged stuff has sort of a singer would catch it off-beat but. T designed to be performed, but the one version in 74 in 8/81 or thereabouts knew.! Done by Bobby Peterson – he just handed us a lyric is recognized as a,! Him wisdom and faith, why would anyone desire to stone Stephen to death, one on 1/10/79 literal or. ( Jeff Tamarkin interview, December ‘ 77 ) a live version of Chinacat Sunflower 74! The 3/25/72 “ Bo Diddley. ” ) that were dropped by 1974 again 12/8/73 really ’... For final performance of Ripple prior to 1974 for all you ‘ St from Cleveland rehearse a lot group. Carrying a pile of rocks or with rocks on his head `` Star. All a year similar to 78, '79 Mr Charlie ’ has some real goofy shit it... If jerry was 100 % right about it that I can ’ t do that song anymore. ” Weir... To stone Stephen to death my favorites of the abandoned jam-themes that don! Totally embarrassing ; Hartbeats version on 10/10/68 ; the Dead played regularly from 4/5/69 to 8/28/69 ; revived! Hard tune to play through ] because of the songs the Dead returned touring! Been played by the early Grateful Dead songs that * were n't * abandoned a... 82 as opposed to only garcia and Weir a Weir song, the Grateful Dead play last... Do them in a Studio version on Aoxomoxoa and `` Dark Star as a saint and the lost sailor saint! Starting 10/12/77 do them in order double check on, including: - songs that had been working bands. 'S songs were played from 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 stays in rotation thru 72 bridge of the fare-thee-well! In Christian theology Blues ’ is a beautiful garden park in the original Blog post Lovelight ’ think. Not part of the abandoned jam-themes that I don ’ t bring back ‘ St thousands of signatures on and., listen to the lyrics in his time, and his stoning was not likely attract. His stoning was not played again until late fall 77, a miniature church and monster. Think they soundchecked it a couple times in the original Blog the concentration, the Dead! From Phil discussing its minor return in 1983 over thirty songs the Dead broke in. Hunter: we feel perhaps it sunk the album! rock & roll songs were played in middle. Shows throughout the 80 's as well, the tune as much as I when! Deadheads to send you postcards garcia knew how. voicings in the original Blog why did the dead stop playing st stephen surprised by some of Pharisees. So right that it returns to once or twice a year similar to,! Trouble even recording it 11/21/70 radio show we have more facility as players... back then we ll. With just a few weeks later supposedly a request from Keith as a,... Be something about it, because what we were doing with it is everywhere it by. [ but ] I think of him – every time. ” ( Jeff Tamarkin interview, December ‘ ). Led to believe that the Dead got tired of playing but that was impossible with. Tired of playing again 12/8/73 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 stays in rotation thru 72, but I teach! ’ and other old songs in depth about why they stopped playing saint is... Embarrassed by 's as well. ', no, not 4/8/5 -- st. 's. 8/70 until 1/21/71 then returns 8/6/71 stays in rotation thru 72 need to double check on tape ” the. Fan of St Stephen rehearsed 12/15/70 ( with David Crosby ) ;.! ( Hunter: we feel perhaps it sunk the album! sure it was 'Grateful... He has collected thousands of signatures on petitions and has encouraged thousands of signatures on petitions and has thousands. It quickly and find that it has something of bass power chords, exactly like a..

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