When a baby is treated early, our skilled surgeons can use minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. So although we are filled with nerves as neurosurgery sounds scary, we have our faith that she will be ok. ... Join us in making health care better for all children. If your child is diagnosed with lambdoid synostosis, he or she will need surgery. True lambdoid synostosis is relatively rare and represents 2% to 4% of all craniosynostosis. Unilateral lamdoid synostosis results in flattening of the back of the head on the affected side as well as compensatory growth of the mastoid process on the same side (ipsilateral mastoid bulge). This allows the baby’s skull to be pushed out of the mother’s vagina during delivery. We advise parents to treat lambdoid synostosis as soon as possible, preferably before their baby is six months old. //-->. Introduction: Lambdoid craniosynostosis is an extremely rare anomaly in which there is premature fusion of one or both lambdoid sutures. , St. Louis Children's Hospital. Learn the types, treatments, and more. If you are concerned your baby might have lambdoid synostosis, please ask your pediatrician for a referral or call us for an appointment at 314.454.5437 or toll-free at 800.678.5437. “Acne is caused by hormonal changes, genetic 2007 Jan 1.