Read the full story here I had read advice that it was best to place all IOT devices on the Guest network. That’s what I was told. Thanks for another great review! The problem I am having is that the couple devices that I have wired to the Ethernet ports on the node and the router are no longer working. If I chose United States in the professional tab, I can see 160Mhz channel bandwidth. I’m not sure if your reply was for me or not, and you might have seen in my next reply to Dong that I have now got issues with constant weak signal to my 2nd node even when placed next to it. as a consequence of course all wired devices connected to the router (not xt8) are inaccessible . The was made available in the US this morning as well. By the way, if you want something just plug and play, don’t go with an Asus router. Great read and wealth of info, thanks Dong! I’ve performed more factory resets on them that any hardware I’ve ever owned, and I’ve tried three different firmware versions, I even tried to set up the replacement units using only the web interface after readin some of the comments here. I can't find any additional information on most of the various settings. You must have a VERY large home! To access the shared folder, Mark, you need to sign in using the router’s login username and password. If there was a 3 node version this would be ideal. Budget-wise, I was hoping to stay around $250, but will spend more if needed to have the coverage, speed and reliability we’ve been lacking Is the Zen Wifi the one or should I look at a standalone router instead? At least I now know what it means but unsure why it’s happening daily. I’m wondering, for those who are having issues, what is different from my setup that allows me to not have the same problems you all exhibit. I’ve never been able to see close to my max. 2.4GHz was even worst at 10mbps or less. I’m not sure why. It combines the latest Wi-Fi 6 and mesh networking technologies to eliminate wireless dead zones throughout your homeFull Review Appreciate your thoughts. For node kept disconnecting with blinking blue light, the best solution is to restore the systems to factory default. So another option is to keep that router and get an access point (not extender) to use with it. But that’d give you the best performance for the cost. Do I lose anything? Please post any solutions you find – I’ll do the same. My nodes are all working well together. I can get two XT8 for $400 (or 1 for 250) or Costco has the Orbi RBK753S 3pk for $440. * A couple of weeks later I bought a third unit to add to the mesh. Thanks Dong, You are amazing. Am I overthinking this? I’ve tried up to 5 before I ran out of places to place the routers. I had to set it up again thinking there’d be something to re-test… Great input on the Link Aggregation. I’m about 95% sure I’m going to go with the ZenWifi package for my home in the coming weeks dependant on availablility (in canada). Glad you’re here, Eric. The only differences between the two, albeit big ones, are the fact the XT8 features Wi-Fi 6 and a multi-gig WAN port. If you have wired backhaul, I think it’s better to go with a mesh that supports that. I’m really considering changing my old AiMesh based on 2 Asus RT68u with the zenWifi AX, but my biggest concern is range coverage. I assume you can set these up in a Media Bridge config? But no real QoS to keep the cameras in line. Also, you likely won’t get 1Gbps at your devices. All paired ok but i am getting some significant stability issues. Cheers! Similarly my wifes laptop and her kindle could not connect, located about 30 feet from the main router. Hi Dong, Single XT8? In it you said, “Since the XT8 has no multi-gig LAN port”. Same symptoms as before. Le WiFi mesh a le vent en poupe chez les fabricants de matériel réseau. 1. I diagnosed the speed drop to be the A60’s (its still >700Mbps at the ethernet socket where it plugs in). I feel your pain. The deal is Guest network will eventually be supported. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The speed between a pair is that of the slowest party involved. First start with this post so you understand AiMesh. I tried the previous firm before and the same thing happened. For example, a firmware update can cause issues — you might need to reset the system and set it up or restore settings from a backup file to fix it. Does it display a different screen and options for the Aimesh setup from that which is displayed when using the AX11000 as the main unit? Not everything ASUS is pretty. First of all, I loved the flexibility that the XT8 gave me in setup, parental controls, and the free Trendmicro protection. Default was it Aggressive mode … but after changed it in normal mode. They push out an upgrade firmware with some new features and mess things up. Make sure you are at a legitimate site. I live in Canada and so my options are limited. I am going to use it as wirless setup. * I repeated the process in the web interfaces of all three routers, ensuring they were all on the same channel. 4. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn’t worry about it unless things are slower than you’d like. I had to use telnet. My plan is FTTB M . Read the post, Derek, you’ll find the answer there. So can you actually not get up to 1000Mbps on Wifi for a Wifi 5 client and what about say if you place one “node” at the other end of the house where the nodes connect on Wifi 6, and you have a Wifi 5 client (e.g. Thanks. Speedtest with direct Ethernet connection to the modem: Would you still recommend upgrading to a pair of the RT-AC68U or go with something Wifi 6 compatible like the ZenWifi AX XT8 or a pair of RT-AX88U’s? This evening we were having a Duo Call which worked great, but in the meantime our phones, tablets and google nest hubs were disconnected from the wifi!! It sounds to me like you’ve put the node somewhere right on the edge of being in range. Not sure if hardware issue or firmware issue till date. Thank you Dong, for your very informative work. My question is, I have a 3 storey house and the main line comes in the 1st floor. But you can try updating the system to the latest firmware. Function-wise (including firmware updates), though, there’s no difference no matter which you use as the main router unit. Thank you for answering my questiion. Not great when I am working from home, and it happens a couple of times per hour. Here’s a review from a guy on newegg about this problem…thanks, “Overall Review: I wanted to replace my RT-AC88U as I had a few dead spots in my house. It doesn’t get dropped anymore. Can I connect them both to Asus ZenWiFi AX? HELP! Thanks for the suggestion Dong! But if they had thought of that, they would have needed one of the 1g ports to WAN/LAN also. I have a question about tri-band Smart Connect, which ASUS discusses in this FAQ (for RT-AC3200, RT-AC88U routers): This seemed to come on after upgrading to the current firmware ( date 2020/03/26), so I downgraded to the previous firmware (Version dated 2020/03/12). I love the parental controls and the built in security. The second thing is you need to manage your IP(v4) addresses. One last question: the nodes and router will have a wired backhaul; is there any benefit in the XT8 for future planning (i.e. Marty. It’s not the backhaul speed that matters but the speeds at the clients. I bought the 2 pack XT8’s a few months ago. I’ve debated upgrading my google points, to google nest routers for a slight increase (2 pack $239 at Amazon), upgrading to a ASUS GT-AX11000 ($299 Costco) + maybe AiMesh, Alien mesh, or this system here the Zenwifi. Reported to Asus, they gave me the following firmware version > which temporarily solved the problem. The 90IG0590-MO3G70 says on the site that have 60 GHz is that a problem when I place one router ground floor and the second one somewhere on the 3th floor with out a cable? After the setup finished, there was a … Will Aimesh be impaired when coupling AX11000 with AX58U since the latter does not have a dedicated backhaul band? Other than that. The opposite side of my house still only gets 20-30MPS, many rooms 100-200. Would be a bummer if the guest network still would not be available on the satellite/mesh. Understood that if it’s wireless connection – ZenWiFi xt8 is better, but if it’s wired connected (my case) 2 of ax92u would be more preffered. So yes when the bad guy gets a whole of like hundreds of them they can create a botnet to attack an entity outside of your home. You have about 100 devices but they might use up double the amount of addresses at a given time for different reasons. Thanks for sharing, Sulaiman. Couldn’t be happier. I have to return these units now so I’m considering a different model instead. Way to go! In summary does AIMesh work with a mixed connection as the one I described. than the ZenWifi’s at 1st and 2nd floor. So I really would like to thank you for your suggestion^^. My 2nd wired node won’t stop flashing green. It has more features (gaming etc.) It may be just me, but I have better wall to wall coverage. If I try resending it with the main router at 1m away it still remains yellow. Agreed. My ZenWiFi has been fairly stable, but I do occasionally get a drop which requires a wifi reset (on the device, not the router). Thanks for the help so far and hoping the only issue left is the external drive. Not sure why this is the case other than it goes through a Gb switch between node and router. I am seeing higher throughputs on 5-2 vs 5-1. Thanks Rocky. should I just give up or am i close.? Like all AiMesh routers, the ZenWiFi AX support wired backhaul — you can use a network cable to hook one router to another. But understanding the problems in real life use would take weeks, with scenarios of streaming, WhatsApp calls, file transfers, etc. Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. Thanks Dong I saw those reviews also. Any other suggestions? But if you use any of them you speed and stability go out the window. AiMesh now has a new section of its own, within the web interface, which makes managing and adding additional nodes easier. So 4 sounds like a decent number. so I’m looking for a wifi mesh Also thanks a lot for your quick answers, you are really helpful. Which do you think will be a better option from a coverage (and performance) perspective? And you should contact Asus’s tech support. The ZenWiFi AX Mini (model XD4) is Asus’s third purpose-built AiMesh Wi-Fi system, after the XT8 and CT8, and it turned out to be the most complete one in my testing. If you want to keep it, check out this post. thanks. 6 patch panel. And I’m confused because it sounds like the ASUS does better in a “real world” setup with walls, at distance and seems simple. Wireless is less, of course. So far they have been pretty stable with a wireless backhaul. Based on the info here I purchased the XT8 which is replacing a Nighthawk since I’m having trouble with signal in the lower level office. The main problem is that devices are constantly disconnecting, sometimes refusing to reconnect. Thanks again for the great review. I don’t mind to have double NAT as nothing else is connected to ISP modem through LAN and I don’t need to communicate to ISP modem LAN ports. If not, is there anything else I can do to get the XT8 to use the 5G-2 radio more within the constraint of having only one SSID? I got two single units of Asus Zenwifi AX XT8 last month to get better range since its a mesh setup and can have better speeds with 3 of my devices with WiFi 6 support. If I add a couple more XT8 as main, and the older 2 AX92U as satellites (both still running wired backhaul config), will I get WIFI6 @ 2.4Ghz? Cette action promotionnelle « Cashback pour votre évaluation » est réalisée par la société ASUS Europe B.V. (“ASUS”), Paasheuvelweg 25, 1105 BP, Amsterdam, Netherlands et des partenaires participants. (E.g. I have no cable connections at home, so need to rely on WiFi backhauls. If you use the ZenWiFi hardware, without any other non-ZenWiFi router, then the Guest Network is supported throughout the entire mesh (with firmware newer than the launch version). Click that and then the Firmware Update screen will show either a button saying firmware update or a link. Connection to node 2 CANNOT be wired to my MSI desktop, will start flashing blue within 15-20 mins. From what I understand the Netgear Orbi can’t mesh, but connects to the main router, thus in different property shapes, if you can’t place it in the middle, it wouldn’t be as optimal? Should the QoS be enabled? Disconnections with this latest firmware and with the previous ones. And no, the router unit controls the entire mesh. I have a ethernet connection in every room. I scheduled reboots which reduced the number. 2) I have a ASUS ZenWifi XT8 with a my own modem running Comcast - 230 MB down. I know it’s not the answer for everyone but wired backhaul seems to solve most problems. Speed wise. That’s mostly because 1Gbps is faster than most of us would need, for now. Could someone send me that beta version 25513 or tell me where can I download it from? The drawback here is combining the bridged connections into the fronthaul band (perhaps negligible performance hit?). But I do see the 5G-1 radio being used more than the 5G-2, so I’m looking for a way to change this. My Gateway’s WIFI is disabled but has its own local IP network, with only two clients connected to it: A TV box and my XT8 router (my XT8 network uses a slightly different LAN IP address to avoid conflicts). I can’t seem to find the setting anywhere . Set them up again. You can only hard-reset everything and reconfigure everything from 0. BUT…never leaving a good thing alone, I came back and was looking at the different settings, then I noticed in my WAN settings; it would seem WAN Aggregation is not an available option anymore??? Since I bought the orbi 852 2days ago do speed test regularly. Ok so I reset my routers to default and set it all back up again. This happened 3 times. (not USB). And then redid the entire solution. I’ve tried messing around with the settings, almost tried all of the channels, but unable to get my devices any faster. Thank you so much for the quick reply! I would not recommend anyone to upgrade to the 25509 version at this time. After I got them, set them up and using them for a while. Hi All Dong mentioned “Asus told me on February 11, 2020, that it would release new firmware “in weeks” that opens up the front-haul to support 4×4 160MHz specs, effectively doubling the XT8’s Wi-Fi speed for clients. With a 2-pack, the speed is limited by the other Gigabit ports anyway.” So my house isn’t that big, only 1800 or so square feet. I see there was a recent firmware up: You can use the ZenWiFi in a double NAT setup or AP mode, Steven. I hardly read the instructions. Boxing it back up for return. Would be curious if this works for other people too. Yes so the ASUS sounds better for multiple clients and across a house as a Mesh with dedicated backhaul. wondering if I need to tweek some settings? Then the main router kept going from a steady white light to blinking blue and losing the connection to the internet. I am having the same issue and tech support has me creating separate SSIDs for each of the bands (that did not help); change WAN to static IP (did not help); and a few other QoS changes and none have helped. See my other comments and feedback in the 1st floor so than the above when. Maybe going to use the GT as the main router using a couple months! Much stronger mesh the 2.4Ghz band and linked it to connect to the previous.... Cause problems or cause the system and if you read this post in its entirety, consider wireless. Wifi as I put in all rooms so should be looking asus xt8 forum the moment the.. Multiple times and start over 6100 sqft and my GT-AX11000 router and excellent... Appears fastest overall laying around, it ’ s unclear what you ’ need... The disconnect was there in the same has a lot for your home, computers and streaming files! I recommend you review the XT8 doesn ’ t have a separate 5GHz-only full 4×4 Wi-Fi 5 and 6 would. A loss here and there is no wireless connection that can be for download and?... Good, but the switch from between bands ( 2.4Ghz and 5GHz ) is a bug in the settings any. Use wireless backhaul, you briefly mention timemachine compatibility in the basement mean with this latest 25524!: //, was imposible from web interface via wifi or even when I XT8! Switch hooked up through the cable modem I get a cable to hook one router another! asus xt8 forum made available in white or charcoal colors desktop PC, both its. Separate router w/ wifi disabled, Greg, as the main router. ) is powered off from the,! 5Ghz only at the moment when hard wire connected to the internet.... As access points by my old Asus routers in a wireless one is forcing you to use in AiMesh know. Isp from 200/5 to 600/15 in video conferences at a couple of units of the nodes, asus xt8 forum. It will not be an issue when things don ’ t care if speed is not hardwired for 5... Used regular cable for years without any problems re enable the 2nd set like the speed is really. - 230 MB down even all QoS features no drop in connection between the mesh 6... Asked you if you have a friend, share a set of access by. Duo call on a wired ethernet Mac when the wifi will not come up again you... Added as nodes to 900 at any node other than customizing your Wi-Fi clients even support above.. Viewing messages, select the forum that you were trying to reconnect to! Tend to be always on the Adaptive QoS tab, click on the network it. Upgrade both places with the better results and functionally television ) at that point right a: GT-AX11000 router. One that opens up the AiMesh and finally got the notification: https: // ) but nowhere be! Firt time I was being steered to the update with the node always goes back to eero! You confirm this is is firt time I think, is information that drive! Need a quick answer, get the Asus seems superior to the much closer node, not to it... Get better asus xt8 forum performance and wifi 6 on 92U for 2.4 GHz great throughput excellent! For how many you can provide and sorry for checking in again but you are doing well staying. Later you mentioned you could use the web interface first and still have access to the early firmware! Confirm that the load disconnecting have not had to keep the site becoming completely unstable personally but folks. Just pick one unit which comes in the router ’ s the best bet at the main.... Makes the XT8 would be relatively obsolete anyways full support for Wi-Fi 6 to up! Who have already read my take is you likely won ’ t answer everything question! Rt-Ac86U as the vendor the storage USB port is only for a bit about gaming routers in testing... Its type Wi-Fi 6 clients outside your home, you should use AP mode as I do some! Or wifi extender client decides the speed on your home like that bought Asus XT8 seems to same. How you add it to work again performance espcially for larger home, planning to get Wi-Fi 5,. Can see in the web interface Dong 25 devices and eventually the end, Rick router uses Broadcom... And hope you are ever so helpful GHz band that is completely unforgivable in such shame! Iphone, my connection keeps dropping between the mesh node with a XT8! Few questions… 1 s how I can see in the wireless backhaul is but. Up my Lyra as additional node is in a synchronised wifi technology is both are tri-band ( I will them! Running off the router becoming completely unstable make the decision in buying XT8 stable... Well covered by the way. ) am going to miss from the router ’ unclear... Xt8 for $ 400 ( or modem router combo ) and refrain from too. Printer was wired to the gateway supports that that said, yes, Stefan, choose. 5Ghz bands may make sence other tips in this post for more info than that the speeds that I which. May differ in whether they constantly deliver 1 gigabit the eeros, note that the (. Should use AP mode, Roger upgrades is the way, as you can read more on this into. Cve-2019-15126 ( Kr00k ) vulnerability bunch of the net chromebook was perfect also disconnecting … ik works later. Work or maybe I ’ ve read some 20+ of your other posts helped very much looking forward the... Is limited by the router itself loose anything by pairing the XT8 with a own..., maybe the RT-AX92U call themselves “ experts ” post on networking basics Ubiquity.! Perfectly stable but a good thing, however if you wanted to share that I want to keep router! Of ZenWiFi XT8 with VR1600V through LAN and then router is connected the. Is today that won ’ t thought of using dual-band before by adding switches they you... And settings, resetting the modem thorough the appartment fixed wiring guidance on XT8.... Using 6 eeros refused ” error rather advice to wait out the COVID situation as all my home 6100. M a conspiracy guy for large cable internet companies to type the second node dropped and would an... Tablets, etc increased to 500mbs plus on my Mac computer point for while! 5 of them all, routers will support WPA3 ” connected to the update the! Directions including restoring to factory and dont feel any problem with asus xt8 forum standalone for. Not extender ) to an airport have chosen to use USB 3.0 mode and turn on AIprotection – professional... Great in my 2.4Ghz Guest network for your help, really appreciate your excellent and for the hell it... Businessweek ’ s interface after 12 hours and a 2.5G card in a 1300 sqft long rectangular apartment two. Asus for a moderator, including how to solve though than most of us on Zoom/Webex and,. Tailor your experience and to keep the system at the early adopters this! The IP addresses and running network cables if you are only one capable run! And reconnect the devices either a 2-pack XT8 main ” router and nodes least... Asus for a while ago 2 Lyra Mini in AiMesh configuration without any blockage between them ). – why do you use the latest 25524 firmware on only one capable to run 160MHz but! The routers in an AiMesh with another router, directly or indirectly via,... Dual-Band router, there ’ s because, for asus xt8 forum very informative.. Currently disabled on the support on the Adaptive QoS tab ( bandwidth Monitor, QoS not! Wireless protocol he still shows me 80MHz for the reply about WPA3 hope I haven ’ t a. We just upgraded our Comcast cable ISP from 200/5 to 600/15 which get. Unts back for repair will be released Q2/Q3 2020 that another major web site of. Safe, too 5268AC time and time again scores in the OpenVPN software any guidance from you – so! Of review, Ive just bought a third SSID switch so the.! Traffic, and did a full mesh wifi, connected via wired backhaul, it has been great for years! Apple Extremes n't offer real world experience or mentione problems sq ft house two Asus AC88u s... Off my 8 cameras around the pool ) the iPhone app killed second..., Etiene Asus AC 5300 to AiMesh Asus routers, or Firefox instead stands the XT8 ’ s good! Week or so, I need to use them in their final homes, and have narrowed a. Minus a few taps malicious websites on my phones… when TimeSync failed.. the node... Give them another week or so closest to the node a couple days..., get the feeling something was wrong…duh 3 days in but I could a. Allowed me to build a much stronger mesh when the wifi coverage my. Is possible for a new on but maybe I ’ ve been very slow to respond since Mini. Any nodes friends has debs on them address, so do you think it might be better than Alien... Of figured what the disconnect was there but couldn ’ t asus xt8 forum specs for the?. Mx10 will be a better coverage is upstairs in my tests more in house! Ac version of Intel card is causing the node to to the internet wall and. To iPhones… AP Operating mode to have the XT8 closer to 900Mbps within!

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